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Christianity and Politics – VOTE

Did you know that Christians are supposed to get involved with politics? [Especially when God’s values are at stake.] Besides, it’s the Manly thing to do.

Please understand, I am not “preaching politics.” Neither, will I be talking about politicians (much!). I do not want to talk about the 8 years under President Obama. And I do not want to talk about the current administration. I want to turn the direction back to us, the citizen, and especially, those who claim Christianity.

Ultimately, politics offers little change, despite the fact that just about every politician gets elected under the guise that his term in office will bring change, but genuine change comes through changed hearts, which only occurs as people respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

But we still have politics. And our Bibles tell us that God has ordained the system of civil government to protect the innocent, and to maintain proper order.

As for our part, the Christian life carries a prophetic voice that calls us to shine light into dark places. And let me tell you, there are some really dark places in Washington DC right now!

Jesus’ call for His people to be salt and light to a dying world covers every aspect of life (Matthew 5:13-14,) including how we vote and how we relate to our government.

  • Christians are to be peaceful, law abiding citizens, (Romans 13:1-7; 1 Peter 2:13-15.)
  • We are to pray for and honor our government leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-3,)
  • Every one who works must faithfully pay taxes (Matthew 22:21,)
  • and every Christian is called to work for the highest good of all people (Proverbs 3:27; Galatians 6:10.)
  • This includes working to promote Godly principles in politics and government
    (Proverbs 29:2.)

So, How do we do this?

There are many places in the US where voting is taking place. People are voting continuously throughout our great nation. We vote for mayor, governor, railroad commissioner, judges, and even special elections to vote for changes being made to local ordinances. We, the christian voters, must make out vote count. Therefore, we must understand the five characteristics of a Christian voter in order to be completely confident when we cast that vote when it matters.

Those characteristics are:

I. A Christian voter… Recognizes that God ordains leadership.

II. A Christian voter…Recognizes that they too must get involved.

III. A Christian voter…Recognizes that their vote means something.

IV. A Christian voter…Recognizes that true freedom comes through Christ alone, and

V. A Christian voter…Recognizes that the real goal is bringing people the freedom-giving message of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, as politics in America continue to heat up, and the name-calling and backbiting gets worse and worse, remember who you are and most importantly remember whose who are! You are a Son or a Daughter of God! And we CAN MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Earlier I said, as Christians, we carry a prophetic voice that calls us to shine light into dark places. so don’t be silent!

May our thoughts be God’s thoughts as we prepare to cast our VOTE.

May our words be God’s words as we speak to

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