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Category: TAKE A STAND

Sometimes you just have to take a stand and be a man!

Mna Up

Where are the men?

Christianity is pretty much the only major religion where there are more women worshipers than men. Why?

What is Christmas about? (podcast)

What is Christmas about? Presents? Family? Jesus? Well... I'm going to get in trouble with this but let me tell you this... Christmas is NOT about Jesus! Listen to the podcast to find out what I mean.

The Decision

If you think your life as it is now is without hope, you’re believing a lie. The truth is, God is with you. And when God is with you, there’s always hope. Don’t be surprised then if Christmas interrupts the ache within you. It’s been doing that for some two thousand years.


The Dream

I think we all experience moments when we just need to hear from God. I don’t think the problem is that God doesn’t speak to us, though. The problem is—we’re not very good at listening.


As you prepare for Christmas this month and you celebrate the birth of Jesus with your loved ones, keep an ear open for God’s voice. Listen to what he says through his Word and the world around you.