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Category: FATHER

This Category covers all aspects of fatherhood from disciplining the children to adopting them. From how to spend more time with the kids and even some ideas that will help you bond with your children when the relationships have been lost or broken. Learn to be a Godly Father in this day and age.

Come Live in My House

But every father will have to make room in his house for the child or the children that will come. Just like God does! And when you feel that being a Father is just too hard, remember to laugh (Isaac) and silence the world and say, "We should go up and take possession of this thing called Fatherhood, for we can certainly do it."

God is a Good Father, You can be too.

In the pages of "God is a good father, You can be too" you will meet dads from diverse upbringings and family structures.  You will meet men who have endured significant tragedy and others who have experienced great triumphs.

How to Leave a Godly Legacy

How to Leave a Godly Legacy

Happy Father's Day! We all have something in common, all of us will leave a legacy to our children. Will it be a godly legacy or a legacy of disaster? That's up to you.

Rick Amitin

Branded: A Father’s Legacy

A missing father easily translates into a missing God. My father was out there, somewhere. I met him. He was real. He was there. Just not there for me.