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The 3rd Rule of SEX

The 3rd Rule of SEX

What does super glue and sex have in common? More than you think! Don't miss this third episode of the series on Rules Of Sex, Eduardo will take a deep look at the spiritual side of sex and encourage you!

The 2nd Rule of SEX

The 2nd Rule of SEX

To let the desire or craving for sex, or our habits, or our feelings, or the prevailing cultural attitudes, or anything else give us orders is to forfeit our freedom.

The 1st Rule of SEX

The 1st Rule of SEX

Since SEX is a topic we hear and read about everywhere else, doesn’t it make sense we hear about it here as well? Since people, especially youth, are being told to equate sexuality with identity and to wear sexuality as a badge of honor, doesn’t it make sense for Godly men to speak up?

The 4 Rules of SEX

The 4 Rules of Sex

I imagine the title, “The 4 Rules Of Sex”- raised some eyebrows – and maybe even some temperatures. Some people perhaps stayed away from this post and some perhaps came here because of the tile.

Science Confirms Bible On Generational Curses

Why is it that so many Christian men who love the Lord, can’t stop their behavior? The entire battle for purity takes place within 8 inches of grey matter: your brain. Knowing where the battle takes place is crucial to every man’s victory.