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It brings me great joy to know that MGM/LightWorkers is launching a brand new website by the end of April 2017.  You may be familiar with LightWorkers headed up by “Touched by an Angel” star Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett, who are now launching an uplifting/inspiring/faith website under their MGM/LightWorkers umbrella. Past projects they’ve produced have been on television such as “The Bible,” “Son of God,” and “A.D.” While these are specifically Christian projects, the new digital venture will be focused mostly on uplifting content and inspiring stories, without sacrificing the Christian principles.

The good news is that when this website launches, you will be able to find more inspiring stories from Manly Training and other awesome blogs, authors and digital media sources.

Here is a link to Roma Downey herself introducing this great resource!


Urge Your Kids to Imitate You

When I had When I was a child, I loved to watch the Lone Ranger (I am dating myself). As soon as the show was over I was shooting my plastic guns and riding my imaginary white stallion yelling  “Hi-yo, Silver, away!” When I had just turned 9, it was Luke Skywalker and the whole STAR WARS thing. I ran around with my lightsaber saving planet Earth from Darth Vader and his Storm-troopers! I saw STAR WARS 28 times at the theater in 1977 when it came out! Continue reading Urge Your Kids to Imitate You

3 Habits that will Bring you Together (podcast)

UNITY. The only way to achieve “Heaven on Earth”. This manly trait is essential if we are to live a complete Christian lifestyle! Listen to this 10 minute podcast. It will bless you.


Guys Night Out at Cornerstone Church

There was a time when I was a child that I wanted to be a first responder. Almost all

Ron Waterman Firefighter
Ron Waterman Firefighter

children go through a phase like this, some stick with it and others move on to something else. At one time, I wanted to be a fireman, and then I change my mind and thought that a police officer would be so much better, but then I realized that if I joined the Army or the Navy, I would be a soldier! The men and women that we celebrated tonight were kids at some point daydreaming just like I did about becoming a first responder. As I pulled up to the parking lot at cornerstone church, I saw two beautiful helicopters, the San Antonio Police Department eagle helicopters! What an amazing sight. I got to talk to one of the pilots just before having to go inside to start the conference. The evening started with a very manly meal. And some good old tunes from a quartet that set the mood. When Ron Waterman was introduced, you could hear a pin drop. A former professional Wrestler and Firefighter, many men in that room looked at Ron as an inspiration when they were kids. But the highlight of the evening was not Ron’s testimony or his challenging men to really man up. It was when Ron Continue reading Guys Night Out at Cornerstone Church

5 Things your Wife Wants you to Know, but won’t tell you.

1 Peter 3:7 Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.

Most men just don’t understand what makes a woman tick. With that in mind, Here are five things your wife would like you to know but for a variety of possible reasons, she won’t tell you. Continue reading 5 Things your Wife Wants you to Know, but won’t tell you.

An Invitation for Father’s Day

Manly Training will be hosting a Father’s Day Tribute that will knock your socks off! Set your calendars because for 45 days starting the day after Mother’s Day through Father’s Day we will be featuring Guests from all walks of life who will be writing a short piece in honor of the Role that men play as fathers. The series is called “My Father’s legacy“.

It doesn’t matter if you had a godly father or not, a father that was there for you or absent from your life. All of us can say that they left a legacy. Find out what top CEOs and business owners have to say about their dads. Take a peek into what A Pastor and a Bishop have to say about their father. These and many more will share with us a lesson they learned about being a dad.

If you would like to be a part of this celebration, contact me. There are still a few spots left. E-mail me at

Thanks for giving me a daddy.

This was so good I wanted to post it by itself.

Dear God,

Thanks for giving me a daddy….
You knew just what I’d need! In case you need to make daddies for other kids, I thought you might like to know what I like best about the one you sent me:

A good dad …

1. knows everything (like how to tie shoes and drive a car)
2. is really smart (he even knows where the wind goes after it blows through the trees) Continue reading Thanks for giving me a daddy.


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