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Sunset rainbow in San Antonio

Who are you?

Have you ever wondered Who You Are? Can you answer this question honestly? My name is Eduardo. If I legally change my name, am I no longer me? In today's Podcast, I will answer this question Biblically and honestly

Boys laughing on the boardwalk

The sin of a father – by Dave Moore

The sin of a father can teach a man a thing or to. What did Author Dave Moore learn from his father? Find out here.

Godly Men Silhouette
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Where are the godly men?

Where are the godly men? There are many men today that are living godless lives and not even thinking about it. But why? Read on...

Fatherhood Changes Everything. My three boys huddled on the beach.

Fatherhood Changes Everything

If Fatherhood Changes Everything, why do some men not take fatherhood seriously? Discover what it takes to be a Real Dad.

An Ocean Sunrise. The Manly Training Podcast Cover

Rules of Sex – The healing

Have you been Sexually hurt? You are not alone. Don't miss this Podcast: Rules of Sex - The healing

Watching for jellyfish in Corpus Christi

What Men Need

Learn how to be the perfect man (or how to find one, for that matter). Read this post if you want to know.