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Chad Gramling is a historian, marketer and author who is “refining life, on purpose.” He is a contributor to The Gospel Post and regularly blogs about his experiences and the ways God is leading him at Connect with him on Twitter @1Glories or

So What is 1Glories?

First off, readers and followers receive an uplifting and friendly environment to open up, learn and grow both personally and collectively. I’m praying you’ll be inspired and safely challenged to pursue greater desires or maintain a healthy approach to the race in which you’ve been called.

We are all works in progress toward where God aims us. Seeking and responding to the ways he orders our lives is what “refining life – on purpose” is all about.

1Glories is the manifestation of a realization that there’s a higher calling and broader purpose to my life and I want to share that with you.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased! ~ Luke 2:14

The Publishing Schedule

Publishing posts on a regular basis is a hard thing to do – just ask any blogger.  My goal is to post something as part of the Year of Listening Up series every Monday. During some weeks, I am able to post a couple. I do an occasional book review from time to time as well.

A good way to make sure you never miss a post is to plug your email address into the box below and you’ll an email any time I publish.

So… What’s with the Dragonfly?

Glad you asked. Following a lot of soul searching, study, reflection and prayer, the dragonfly was developed into the 1Glories logo for some very practical reasons I detail in chapter two of Greater Desires – “Come Glorify.”

Like Christians, a Dragonfly begins its life in one environment (under water) until it realizes it was created for a higher calling, at which time it rises above the water, sheds its skin and becomes a new creature uniquely designed to be bearers of the light. Of course, that’s the synopsis. I encourage you to read more in your free Greater Desires eBook.

Who the Heck is Chad Gramling?

Chad Gramling (that’s me – the 1GloriesWriter) is a lifelong Hoosier, making his home in Auburn, Indiana with his family. I’m a sentimental historian who also values progress. I am a writer, speaker and seeker

Books I have published include Baseball in Fort Wayne and Legendary Locals of Auburn. and Listen Up Kids: Foolish Dreams, Syncing with God and Running as Though You May Obtain it.

But Enough About Me!

Tell me about you, your blog, your goals, your dreams, your… anything. Comment here and share.

But before you do, I’d be honored if you would join the 1Glories Swarm so I can keep you up-to-date on what’s happening, ask for your help in picking cover art for my books, share exciting contests, etc.