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President Obama – Where is God?

President Obama, what ever happened to that Can Do Attitude? What has America become? This podcast will make you think. Just in time for the elections.

Life is a Battleground

Life is a Battleground

I have discovered that different people see this life from different perspectives, thus we handle and treat it differently. The way you see this life is the way you are likely to take, handle and treat it. For example, some see this life as a WAR or A BATTLEGROUND.

Conquer Series Trailer – Legacy Version

Addicted to Porn? This 5-week curriculum lays out biblical strategies, scientific facts and, in military style, teaches men how to use God's weapons to become conquerors! Sign up for a Conquer Series Men's Help Group TODAY! Click HERE to sign up

There Must be Genuine Confession.

There Must be Genuine Confession.

If there is one thing which is more essential than anything else in our relationship with God, it is honesty. That is why genuine confession is important. When we come before God we come admitting who we are and what we have done.

Help With Sexual Integrity

Help with Sexual Integrity

Help is here. You are not alone in the trenches. We are dedicated to guiding you to the specific services that will help you win in this battle for sexual integrity. We know what it is like, we can help you!

Start Here: Step 1 - Change Your Life

Start Here: Step 1 – Change Your Life

You do not evolve into a Christian. Yes you should grow in your walk, your behavior and your maturity. But you are no more a Christian today than you were yesterday. Why? Because the change isn’t up to you. You don’t change yourself – you are changed.

3 Things Men Need.

3 Things Men Need.

Men need 3 things today! Can you guess what they are? If not, you may want to read this article to uncover what it is that men really need.

Do Real Men Cry? No doubt they do!

Do Real Men Cry? No doubt they do!

Jesus wept! Is he any less of a man for it? Would any of you like to look Jesus in the eye and tell him he’s not a real man because he cries? I wouldn’t -Real Men Cry

In the Shadow of Your Wings...

In the Shadow of Your Wings…

In the Shadow of His Wings - Only when we realize that we can do nothing, and are nothing in and of ourselves, can we do all things through Christ...