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Category: LEADERS

The LEADER category covers everything about being a Godly man. From how to read your Bible and have family devotionals that will knock everyone’s socks off to financial responsibilities and everything in between. Many times when you are a Godly leader you must Take a Stand about things that are important. Lead with integrity.



All sorts of things come our way in the course of a day – or a week, month, year, or lifetime. We interpret those things as good and bad. I’d suggest that, as a believer, it’s all ultimately to the good (and that’s not an original thought with me – Romans 8:28, baby!)

“Trump Vs Hillary 2016 Election Boxing”

Don’t be silent.

As Christians, who are we going to VOTE for? Forget the party affiliations right now and let's look at the candidates who are running for office


Let’s Work Together

Can you believe it’s been 4 years since Manly Training got started? Time flies when you are serving the Lord, doesn’t it? Well, as I pray for the future of […]