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Category: POLITICS

Christianity and politics.

3 Secrets that Will Make America Strong Again

Mr. President, what ever happened to God Bless America, The 10 Commandments and Prayer? Where did America leave that confidence, that "American Spirit" that we once had in our Great nation? Listen to this podcast as I answer these and many more questions.

Ominous cloud over our Nation!

Kill your darlings!

Today marks 43 years of legalized abortion in all fifty states at any time for any reason throughout pregnancy on January 22nd, the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. Can we overturn it?

Whose AMERICA is it?

How have we arrived at the point where almost every thought and action in our country is protected other than the freedom to openly and unashamedly claim that this is a Christian nation, occupied by people who worship and adore the living God who brought us into existence?

Evangelize America

Christ is the only hope for anybody and for any country! Including America! And we must do whatever we can to bless America and others with the love of Christ!