What is Manly Training?

Manly Training is a community of men (and women) who understand the importance of training men to become the men that they were created to be! It’s a weekly podcast and soon a weekly webshow that brings the “man” back into manliness. Informative and entertaining, the Patreon platform will make Manly Training completely interactive.

The Patreon Decision

I have decided to jump on the Patreon bandwagon because it will allow us to make Manly Training a better community and it will bring much needed funding.

It doesn’t take much to keep Manly Training going as it is now. All it takes is $500 a year for the website and all the plugins and supporting software we use. However, I am not content with keeping Manly Training as is. I have an aggressive vision for Manly Training and one that will just blow you away.

The Vision

Envision a world where men are trained to become the men they were created to be. A world where men take their roles seriously. Where we learn how to be godly men and the strong male role models that our wives and children need. Envision this world where men lead their families with confidence and purpose.

We go to schools and universities to train ourselves for our careers. When you get a new job, you go to training before you start. We take training to learn how to do just about everything in life, but who is training men to be husbands and fathers? Who is training men to become the men they were created to be? Enter Manly Training.

What’s it Going to Take?

In order to take Manly Training to the next level, we need to have monthly support coming in. For the price of a cup of coffee once a month, your support will make a huge difference. I know Manly Training has been a huge help for many individuals across America and even in other countries such as Canada, The United Kingdom, India and Mexico. Help make this vision possible. Let’s keep Manly Training going for many years to come!

What about the Rewards?

The reward plan for Manly Training is not tiered – I want to offer it in one nice package! I want you to fund me because you want to fund me. I do not want to gate off content, hold it to ransom, or otherwise batter you into opening a wallet. While I will obviously need to raise awareness of this Patreon, I will not litter my videos and social media with constant calls for funding. I’ll do some promotion, because that makes sense, but I’ll work hard so that it isn’t obnoxious. You want to watch and read my stuff, not be advertised to!

To access the Manly Training content, you need only access it. Pay as much or as little as you want. Pay nothing if you don’t believe you should. And if you ever do become a patron, but decide to stop, no hard feelings. It’s YOUR money, you are NOT obliged to give me any of it.

But I love you for doing so. <3

Clearly, I’ll need to be able to make a living off this in order to keep doing it, but it’s your decision as to whether or not I do. I’ve gone back and forth on the idea of crowdfunding. I’ve been scared to do it, sometimes critical of it, and I’ve always wanted to make stuff first and get paid later.

However, Patreon allowed me to strike for true independence and editorial control. It’s allowed me to bring Manly Training to you, with increasingly entertaining production value, unfettered by corporate owners or obligations to some sketchy taskmaster.


Patreon Members: It’s Not About The Money! 

Patreon allows you to pledge as little as $1 a month, and in return you’ll get some pretty cool rewards, ranging from your name and blog on my MTM VIP page, exclusive content, and PODCAST VERSIONS of my posts!

Just Click here and go to Patreon to start receiving

exclusive material from Manly Training.


We Won’t Change, I Promise.

Manly Training is still going to be EXACTLY what it is now — New Posts every Tuesday and new Podcasts every Monday. Patreon perks are simply that: extra perks!

I have big plans for Manly Training– including a book AND a YouTube channel.

Your pledge will help me continue to put the considerable time and effort into each and every post that makes Manly Training what it is.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I pray every day for each and every one of you who take the time to read my words. You are a blessing.

Thank You!