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Don’t be silent.

As Christians, who are we going to VOTE for? WE cannot afford to be silent! Forget the party affiliations right now and let’s look at the candidates who are running for office.

“Trump Vs Hillary 2016 Election Boxing”

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On the one side you have Hillary Clinton. ON the other side you have Donald Trump. So who do you vote for? All the issues, all their past history and their voting records and the way they have been campaigning are all factors that help most people decide who they will vote for. But as Bible believing Christians, we need to consider what God’s word tells us in the book of Exodus 18:21-22. It is in these verses that we see a good model to follow. These passages show us that civil leaders are to be “…able men who fear God…men of truth, hating covetousness (greed)”.

God’s word tells us that all authority belongs to God, but He has put human beings on the earth as caretakers. Understanding this, I must then ask; What is our task? According to Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20, we are to go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey God in every area of life. It is hard to imagine that Jesus would have wanted the political realm to be excluded. Consequently, we must disciple people to make godly decisions about government.

The Bible describes leadership as being a sacred trust, and placing a person in such a position is a very serious thing. For example, in 1

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Timothy 5:22, Paul instructs the young Pastor Timothy to “Lay hands suddenly on no man (to ordain him into the ministry,) neither be partaker of other men’s sins” In other words, if we hastily put a person into leadership who is not worthy of it, we risk bearing the guilt of that person’s sin. We “ordain” our leaders by our votes, support, and influence. If we support politicians who support ungodly causes, or promote immoral behavior, God holds us responsible for that.

To bid a person “Godspeed in their sin” it says in 2 John 11 is “to become a partaker of that same sin. Our votes do matter. And if we choose not to vote, then we are choosing to be silent. And if we chose to be silent, then we need to stay that way. There is nothing worse in my mind than someone who has an opinion on everything, but stands up for nothing.

I once heard of a church where members thought it was against God’s will to vote. Concerned that a corrupt politician would win a local election, church members gathered for an all-night prayer vigil. In the morning, however, they refused to vote and the good candidate lost – by fewer than the number of votes represented by those at the prayer meeting.

It’s not just a failure to vote that is the problem. When was the last time you picked up a newspaper to study a political issue? Or write a letter to an elected official or to the newspaper editor?

As Christians, we must constantly ask ourselves, “Are we doing everything we can to exercise our rights and privileges as citizens?”

I hope you take on the challenge of becoming a good citizen. In the “Gettysburg Address” Abraham Lincoln expressed hope that “government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Hundreds of thousands have died to establish freedom and justice. Do not let their deaths be in vain.

I hope this article shakes you up a bit and motivates you to change. You have the opportunity to influence the world if you’ll only take it. VOTE!

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