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EENIE MEENIE MINEY MO: Are You Prepared to Vote?

EENIE MEENIE MINEY MO: Are You Prepared to Vote? Who should you vote for? Why should you vote? Does it matter who you vote for?

As Election Day draws near, many Americans are concerned about the state of our country, the leadership in the White House and in Congress and who will be the next President of the United States. It is because of these things that I write the following series leading up to Election Day.

Romans 13:1-7 – “…For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God…”

As Christians we live in a theocracy! This means that we follow one God, through one faith, and one baptism.

As Americans, we live in a democracy! Actually it is more of a representative republic where the will of people drive policy.

As Christians, we need to be a vital part in changing what it means to be American. Many Presidents have had the word “CHANGE” in their Presidential Slogan. Jimmy Carter’s slogan proclaimed “Leaders for a Change”, Ronald Reagan told us “Let’s Make America Great Again” and Barack Hussein Obama told us “Change You can Believe in”. All of these Presidents Promised to Change things in America and they did. Some of these presidents have tried to change Christianity, but as Americans, we have no power to change the basics of Christianity. Only God can do that!

We must understand that It is God who ordains our leaders. Paul goes as far as to call political leaders ministers of God. And even though there are times when our leaders fall short of their Biblically mandated call, God still calls the leaders to lead.

He calls them to speak out for the innocent (Proverbs 31:8),

To confront sin and moral decay (Proverbs 14:34)

To defend the poor and oppressed (Isaiah 10:1-2, Psalm 10:2)

To work towards the peace and justice that only comes from God. (Psalm 122:6, Genesis 12:3; 27-29)

It shouldn’t surprise us then, that in Deuteronomy, we hear Moses tell the people that the leaders should be in God’s Holy Word daily.

We, as Christians, are called to be good Americans, to follow and obey our government as long as what we are asked to do does not violate the laws and commandments of God. (Acts 4:19). Remember, it is God that ordains our leadership and HE will call them to give an account for that which He has entrusted them to do. With this in mind, all of God’s people who are legally able to VOTE, must cast their VOTE. Manly Training will post an article every Monday leading up to Election Day so that we can know how to VOTE. I will NOT tell you who to VOTE for, but we must understand the five characteristics of a Christian voter so that every Christian who will VOTE can make decision.


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