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Will You Help?

Everything we do at Manly Training Ministries is FREE of charge, but we rely on donations in order to make sure that as many men as possible can get the help that they need FREE of charge.

Everything from workbooks, traveling expenses, video material and living expenses for those who work at manly training ministries come from generous donors such as yourself. We cannot fulfill our mission without you.

How does Manly Training Ministries help men? I am glad you asked! We train men in every aspect of manhood imaginable. From Health to how to be a father, how to raise children, how to be a husband and how to be a leader. Among the things we do for the family; we help men restore broken relationships with his wife and his children and how to keep those relationships strong.

We are currently helping a large group of men overcome addiction to porn. A study of over 3000 data points discovered that 60 to 70% of men, 50 to 58% of pastors and 20 to 30% of women in evangelical churches are sexually addicted. This addiction to sex and porn is highly destructive for the family. We have plans to bring in more people to help men overcome this addiction to pornography and other addictions that are equally destructive for the family.

Our mission is critical to the survival of our Nation for as the family goes, so goes the Nation!

It has been said that the family can survive without a nation but a nation cannot survive without the family.

Will you help? Can we count on your generous contribution to be able to continue to help men and their families?

2.- TeeSpring. Click on this link to purchase a Manly Training Tee Shirt.
3.- PayPal. Click on this link to donate via PayPal.

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