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The Conquer Series – The Soldier and His Armor (week 4)

disk4The war for sexual purity is spiritual to the core. In this lesson, we study the weapons and strategies God has given to the believer to conquer the sexual sin in his life. We study the Armor of God in Ephesians 6, applying each piece of armor to our spiritual battle against sexual bondage. Men will learn how to take God’s Word from head knowledge down to the depths of their soul, while calling to remembrance God’s prophetic promises, which is foundational to the renewing of the mind.

Truth: Warfare – “Stratas” – How we think
II Cor. 10 – I Timothy – Eph. 6
Ephesians 6:14-17

A Daily devotional life helps you defend against the enemy – Getting the Word of God into the soul, into the limbic system
1. Begin to pray scripture
2. Find a picture that describes you favorite bible verse
The Soldier and His weapons
• Belt of Truth = Logos is the written word of God
• The belt of truth is the only visible and physical spiritual weapon
• The belt of truth is the least noticeable, yet most important, piece of weaponry because it holds the
entire armor together
To try and not think about a thought or feeling, actually leads me to think about that very thought or

John’s battle plan for every man
Revelation 12:10-12 – “Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Messiah. For the accuser of our brother and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down.”
4 things to understand if you are to win the battle
1. The weapons of the enemy
2. The strategy of the enemy
3. The weapons from God
4. God’s battle plan for purity
• Weapons of the enemy
o He accuses you before God
o He accuses God before you
• Our weapons
o Our testimony of truth
 The truth of our life must be exposed
Unlocking God’s Weapons of War
• The belt of truth is a mind that is free from deceit and falsehood
• Truth is the foundation we must build on
• Repentance starts in the mind, followed by your actions
• Truth may come at a cost, but you must man up and face it

*Your vulnerability to hell decreases as your truthfulness increases. The most important truth is that God loves you.
• Develop a lifestyle of truth over time
• How you see yourself in Christ is your primary defense against shame
• Truth must be developed as a lifestyle
• You can never love beyond the view you have of yourself
• Understanding who you are in Christ, which is your breastplate of righteousness, is your primary
defense against shame.
You are most vulnerable in your right brain. In the imagination. You need a strong imagination to follow God. Consider the creative ways God leads His people in scripture… (Moses, an old man with a stutter leads millions out of Egypt. Joshua leads all of his men in the tradition of circumcision in wartime and then takes out a city by marching around it.) Satan will take our imagination captive is our darkest and most shameful sexual fantasies.

We can become captive to, not only guilt, but shame. “If you really knew me, you would not love me.” This is the lie that shame teaches us. The shame of pornography infects our hearts with shame.
• The difference
o Guilt – I DID bad
o Shame – I AM bad
• Feeling worthless
o People who believe they are worthless make different decisions from those who know who
they are in Christ
o They may not love their family because they do not believe the are deserving of loving a
o They reject the “cleanness” feeling that comes from Christ
• You have a choice
o You can believe in your sin OR
o You can believe that Jesus Christ’s blood is stronger than my sin
 I do not believe in my sin as my identity
 I believe in Christ as my identity
• Every man has a default in his heart
o Without hope and direction, a man’s heart will default to his past
o God gives us a dream and a direction
o We are not defined by the mistakes we have made. We are defined by the direction we are
o That direction defines who the man is (not his past)
• Your fantasies are limbic lies that set you up for bondage
• The breastplate of righteousness is the righteousness of God
• Righteousness is the identity of every Christian because of Christ’s shed blood on the cross
• When you know your identity in Christ, you can believe the dreams God has for you
• God’s dreams for you will give you a direction in your life

Romans 16:20 (NIV) “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.”
• Identify your deepest struggles
• Write your struggle on the bottom of your shoe (squash the lies of the enemy under your feet)
Our faith needs to be anointed by the Holy Spirit.
• Become a man of worship (does not have to be in front of others)
• Faith and the word of God are inseparable
• Chrio (Greek) = Anoint. A medical term that refers to someone smearing of rubbing oil on a patient
• Our faith needs to be anointed with the Holy Spirit to avoid being rigid and brittle

The rational truth of God’s death for you on the cross that allows you to stand against the enemy’s attack
and to stand with honor, integrity, and authority against the forces of hell.
• Scripture should be memorized for spiritual vision development
o If there is no scripture memorized in the right side (rationale) of your brain then the left side
(spiritual truth) of the brain won’t have anything to work with.
o Jesus responded to the devil with… “It is written”
• Christ shed his blood for you in 4 places
o In the garden He sweat drops of blood
o He wore a crown of thorns
o The whipping post
o On the cross
• Story of the woman caught in adultery (no condemnation and sin no more)
o The gift of non-condemnation gives you the freedom to not sin anymore

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Scott Mendes on the Conquer Series by KingdomWorks Studios

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