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A Manly Tribute to Moms (pt 1) – God made woman

Mother’s Day is this 4 weeks away. For most people,  it is a special day when we remember our Mothers. For some of us the memories are pleasant and for others not so pleasant.Young Timothy in the Scripture had the advantage of a Godly heritage. Both his mother and his grandmother were women of sincere faith.

Genesis 2:13-25 tells the story of the creation of human kind. It is clear that God created women. Someone has written:

God made woman
To add a feminine touch to life…
To add fragrance of beauty…
To be a wife and companion…
To live for God as an important Person…
To become a mother…

The teachings of the New Testament brought a new level of honor to women.

Before Christ the Jewish view of women was very low. A strict Jewish man would pray in the morning: “I thank God that He did not make me a Gentile, a slave or a woman.” According to Jewish law a woman had no legal rights, she was absolutely under the control of her husband.

Before the time of Christ Greek culture treated women as nobodies. Women were forced to live secluded lives. They could have no part in public life; they never appeared on the streets alone. Each woman had her own living quarters and only her husband could enter. In Greek culture the woman was an object to be used.

Roman culture was no better. The Roman thought: “women are married to be divorced and divorced to be married.” Roman men did not date their lives by years but by the names of their divorced wives.

The teachings of Jesus and Paul brought the marriage relationship into a new perspective. Paul called men and women to a new fidelity, purity and fellowship in the married life.

On this Mother’s Day in 2017 we want to get a Biblical perspective on women. A Manly Tribute to Moms will demonstrate the fine art of being a woman and the privileges of being a wife and mother.

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