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Is government the solution or is it the problem? I have heard compelling arguments on both sides of the bench. I cannot deny that government has been instrumental in bringing social changes that have made us a better nation and a better people. But… we cannot stick our head in the sand and pretend that government has not overstepped its boundaries , hurting millions of people along the way in the name of “political correctness” or some other selfish reason! The Bible tells us what Jesus said about this in John 8:31-32 – Jesus said “If you continue in My Word, then you are truly disciples of Mine, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

We must never fall into the trap of substituting political involvement for the Gospel message. Politics can never be an instrument of salvation.

If the Christian worldview is true, then Christians should be able to contribute more positively than any one else to the political process. St. Augustine said that those who are citizens of God’s kingdom are best equipped to be citizens of the kingdom of man. I think he was right.

The alternative to Christian involvement is unthinkable. In the 20th Century, atheistic and secular humanistic leaders gained control of nations all across Europe, Asia and Africa. What was the result?

According to historian R. J. Rummel, “Almost 170 million men, women and children have been shot, beaten, tortured, knifed, burned, starved, frozen, crushed or worked to death; buried alive, drowned, hung, bombed, or killed in any other of the myriad ways governments have inflicted death on unarmed, helpless citizens and foreigners.”

These facts led historian John Hallowell to note, “Only through a return to faith in God, as God revealed Himself to man in Jesus Christ, can modern man and his society find redemption from the tyranny of evil.”

While we can and should work for positive change, at their best, those who lead can only offer Band-Aid solutions without turning to God and His Word for the answers. The root of our nation’s problems is always spiritual in nature. When it comes to eternal issues, winning people to our political causes is not enough. People can even embrace all of the “Christianized” cultural influences in the world, but without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, they will still be totally lost.

Our true freedom comes from Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone. We need to vote for those who understand this and will lead the country with a steady hand that can only be the result of a life given to God in prayer and a daily relationship with the Creator of all things.


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