The Conquer Series – The Mission (week 1)

Week 1: The Mission


Forty Seven (47) men got together on Saturday June 24, 2017 with the sole purpose of learning how to wage war against the enemy.  We started with the scope of the battle for sexual purity by presenting the severity of the war hell has waged against the Church in the 21st Century. According to the most recent study, 68% of Christian men struggle with pornography.

Then we examined the extent to which pornography has infiltrated society, even to the pews of the Church; God’s original plan for sex; and how pornography has become Satan’s master plan to enslave and emasculate men, destroying families and societies from within.

Satan has ensnared men with a noose of addiction and the harder they pull, the tighter it gets. The only way to true freedom is to cut the noose of bondage. We studied the four components to the noose of bondage and the three key principles to get men free. Most importantly, men learned that it is only by the Spirit and the power of Jesus Christ that they can be redeemed.


• Refining takes immense pressure
• He his molding us into the image of Jesus Christ by refining
• No man is born a conqueror, he becomes one by choice
• We become a mighty weapon in His hand
Four things to understand in the mission
1. The weapons the enemy wants to use against you
2. The strategy of the enemy
3. The supernatural weapons from God
4. God’s battle plan for purity
• You can never win this battle alone
• “Let us make man in His image…” – Genesis 1:26-27
• 60%-70% of men in church are in sexual bondage
• 20% – 30% of women in the church are in sexual bondage
• 50%-58% – of pastors are in sexual bondage
• Porn addiction and Sexual addiction are different
• Internet porn is unique is built for the hunter brain – arousal, searching, hunting to reach.

An addiction – where you have tried to stop and you go further than you thought, spent more time and money than you thought you would, or been caught and have consequences and you keep doing the activity anyway. You made promises to quit and you can’t fulfill those promises, to yourself, to God or to your wife.

The church is in the sexual battle of its life. The enemy is trying to rob the church of its authority to be the moral salt and light in the world.

• The Alfred Kinsey report
• Foundation of sex education structure and the laws in America
• This data led to the legalization of pornography
• Hugh Hefner was the follower of Kinsey and developed

• Why human sexuality? Because man is created in God’s image and satan wants to destroy that, he want us to look like his image of selfishness.
• Biblical definition of sexual purity: Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so anything sexual outside of the marriage is out of bounds and is sin.

(Story of cave diving)
The noose is composed of four things
1. The root of the bondage Rules over relationship

– 70% of Christian men, struggling with sexual bondage, come from homes where rules override relationship.
– Sexual sin promises to serve and please, but only desires to dominate and destroy.
– In most cases, wounds are the root of sexual bondage.