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There Must be Genuine Confession.
Help With Sexual Integrity

Help with Sexual Integrity

Help is here. You are not alone in the trenches. We are dedicated to guiding you to the specific services that will help you win in this battle for sexual integrity. We know what it is like, we can help you!

A Dad's Goal - Victor Devlin

The Mark Of a Father-Cherish Them (podcast)

Are you a dad? It's one thing to make a baby, and a completely different thing to actually be a father. Eduardo starts this new series called "The Mark of a Dad" with a whopper of a message for all men. you don't want to miss this one!

Start Here: Step 1 - Change Your Life

Start Here: Step 1 – Change Your Life

You do not evolve into a Christian. Yes you should grow in your walk, your behavior and your maturity. But you are no more a Christian today than you were yesterday. Why? Because the change isn’t up to you. You don’t change yourself – you are changed.