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This makes life as a dad easier. Learn what god has to say about being a father. How this applies in America.

The Responsibility of Being a Father

As father's we have a great responsibility to teach our families to love the Lord. God gives us the key ingredients to accomplish this purpose. Intertwined in this is teaching them to love, respect and follow God's Word.

In the Shadow of Your Wings...

Worship God, man!

Children don’t make a rich man poor, they make a poor man rich. The rich man can’t take his money to heaven, but I’m taking my kids to heaven. I’m planning on taking my grand-kids too. We’re going to heaven This is our wealth.

Sense of Humor Required

We need a good sense of humor to be a good father. As a matter of fact, I would say that it is required if you are going to be a good parent! There will be times when your child does something that might make you blow your lid...