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Now let’s take a look at the first family. Not a perfect family by a long shot! I am not talking about the family of the President of The USA but literally, the first family. Adam and Eve and their lovely children! The very first family, that household in the Garden of Eden composed of Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel. Their story includes a couple of major flaws, but this family survived, so I want to address the issue of “Surviving Family Flaws.”

Perfect Family Flaws

How do you survive when your wife walks out on you? How do you survive the rebellion of a child? What about family members with addictions or other self-destructive behaviors? How do you handle an adult child or a wife who is out of control with his or her spending, or they’re lazy or inconsistent? What do you do with a wife who won’t be a mother and shuns the responsibilities of mothering? How do you handle these and many other perfect family flaws? And what about your own flaws? (Read the rest on PATHEOS)

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