There is a revival on the horizon! Can you see it? Have you sensed it when you are praying or worshiping God? Almost everyone I talk with lately tells me the same thing! And you know what? That Revival will start with the men!

Yes, you heard me right, the men will be the initial point of Revival. And when the men have been revived and are full of the “Dunamus” Power that our Lord Jesus Christ will pour out on us, that Revival will be unlike any other you have witnessed or even heard of!

Men have been attacked and confused for way too long, but a time is coming and the time is NOW for men to get right with God at take the lead! Will you be a part of this amazing Revival? Or will you sit on the sidelines and watch it happen? With or without you, this incredible Revival will take place!

I pray that every man reading this will be encouraged and challenged to take part in this life changing Revival that is about to take place. I also pray that every man will have their eyes open to be able to see the blessing that this will be for every man, woman and child that his life touches. Do you want to see families restored and marriages fixed? Then be a part of this movement and open your heart to what God wants you to do. Men, you are the REVIVAL so be the REVIVAL now!

I just set up a PayPal account in order to make it easier to receive donations and to sell my products. I am currently taking donations for Manly Training (I already have my Tax ID Number and I am getting it registered as a non-profit organization).

1. If you’d like to send a donation to the General Fund, your donation goes a long way in making sure this ministry continues to grow and reach men all across the world. I have invitations to go to the Philippines, India, England, Mexico and even here in The US. But I am unable to accept any of the invitations because of funding. Donate via PayPal p by clicking on this link: PayPal.Me/manlytraining

2. The Fatherhood book is going to print next month and will be available for purchase in August. If you want to reserve your autographed copy of this life changing book, Send $25.00 to PayPal or click on this link: PayPal.Me/manlytraining/25 and in the notes, include your name and shipping address. Or send $20.00 to PayPal or click on this link: PayPal.Me/manlytraining/20 and include your name and “Pick up in Person”. I will make sure to reserve a copy for you and send it.

Please HELP make Manly Training available to everyone. A revival is on the horizon and it will start with the men!




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