Dear Manly Training friends

This summer I will be taking up the challenge of traveling to church organizations in Mexico and Texas that have requested me to go and teach the manly Training Mindset to the men of their churches. Ten of the 14 churches I will be visiting are in some of the most impoverished areas of  the Texas border with Mexico.  They cannot pay for my traveling expenses or the training material.

The Manly Training Summer of 2017 tour will bring men to Christ and teach them the biblical skills they need to be the men that God created them to be. Manly Training will provide the men of these churches with the training material, encouragement, biblical truth and most important, a plan for them to follow, because without a plan, success is accidental! These men will hear the truth, and the truth will set them free. Free from Father wounds, free from the damage caused by years of abuse and neglect, free from the passive complacency that has made their marriage fail.

We have a large fundraising goal for The Manly Training Summer of 2017 tour. The expected minimum cost of the tour is $ 5000.00. I have set a fundraising target of $ 7000.00 so I can also provide the men with workbooks that they can take home. I would greatly appreciate your help in reaching this target because these men need to hear this message.

I have started my fundraising off with a personal donation of $ 700.00. which is 10% of the total needed amount. Your donation will bring me closer to my goal and help Manly Training get the message to these churches along the border.

If you would like to donate, click on one of the links. I have several options available to you for donating. You can purchase an exclusive Manly training t-shirt, hoodie or coffee mug or you can donate through Go-fund-me or Crowdrise.

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