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Material from the Men Of Destiny Gatherings

No. 12 Discipline of Work - Men Of Discipline
A Real Man - Discipline of Devotion

Discipline of Devotion

One’s prayer and devotional life cannot be reduced to a few simple rules. Rather these are disciplines. The discipline of devotion.

Discipline of Mind - Manliness

Discipline of Mind

14 Billion cells with 10,000 connectors, our brain is powerfully marvelous! We must Discipline our mind to become the men God wants us to be.

Discipline of Friendship – Be the Man that God Wants You to Be.

Discipline of Friendship

The discipline of friendship was modeled by Jesus himself. Real manliness inclides having real friends that know you intimately. Do you have any?

Discipline of Fatherhood (The Do's and Don'ts)- Men Of Destiny

The Discipline of Fatherhood

Here is a great reason to “sweat for our children” - Let’s give up our selfishness and sweat for our kids. The Discipline of Fatherhood

Husband & Wife

The Discipline of Marriage

Husband & Wife. What are the godly disciplines of marriage? How can you become the husband that God wants you to be? Read this NOW!

The Conquer Series

Conquer Porn

Learn to become the man God created you to be by conquering sex and porn addiction. The Conquer Series is powerful and effective!