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Category: MAN

Learning how to be a Godly Man in a world that is fallen can be challenging. This category brings material together that any church organization can use to build a strong community of Godly Men.

The reptile is watching you

Men are cultivators – (podcast)

How would you describe men? Let me tell you how God describes a man.... we are by nature cultivators. You can see it in our "man mantras". Listen to this podcast and learn to be a biblical man.

3 Habits that will Bring you Together (podcast)

The first in a series of messages leading up to Easter. Be Humble is encouraging everyone to ave this very manly characteristic that as indeed a part of Jesus' character. Listen to this 10 minute podcast. It will bless you.

BE HUMBLE (podcast)

BE HUMBLE is the first in a series of Podcasts leading up to Easter. In this podcast we discover how this manly characteristic is necessary if we are to live a true Christian life. Each 10 minute podcast in this series is designed to make you think and choose to live your christian life to it's full potential.

Manly Freedom (podcast)

What is Freedom? How do you obtain it? Why do I need to be free? Free from what? Stay tuned as I answer all these questions and more on The Manly Training Podcast!

Walking together as husband ad wife

Man up and show some affection!

Men, if you want to be the man of your wife’s dreams you must love her sacrificially and unconditionally. Now I believe that sacrificial love today, in the context of pleasing your wife, involves 5 requirements.

The Man of Her Dreams

The only way your marriage is going to be all you want it to be is for both husband and wife to be in tune with Jesus Christ. Getting Jesus first, is the easy part to figure out. How exactly we men play our part in the plan is a bit more difficult to figure out some times.