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Category: MAN

Learning how to be a Godly Man in a world that is fallen can be challenging. This category brings material together that any church organization can use to build a strong community of Godly Men.

God is a Good Father, You can be too.

In the pages of "God is a good father, You can be too" you will meet dads from diverse upbringings and family structures.  You will meet men who have endured significant tragedy and others who have experienced great triumphs.

Be a REAL MAN: A Beginner’s Guide

What makes a REAL MAN? Is it the way he dresses? Is it the way he smells or how strong he is? Or perhaps it is the size of his wallet or the kind of car or truck he drives. Whatever your idea of manliness is, Eduardo is about to turn it upside down in this thought provoking podcast. Listen at your own risk!

A Manly Tool

3 Steps to Becoming a Real Man

Men, our families need godly men. Men, our wives need godly men. Men, our world needs godly men. Will you be a man with me? Let’s show ourselves strong by living for the Lord.

3 Reasons Your Church Needs Real Men

Why is Manly Training's Mission Statement so vital for us in 2017? It's because society has put less importance on Dad’s and men in general and society is paying a price for it!