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Category: GUEST

This is a good place to find material from those men and women that contribute to the wealth of information found at Manly Training.

The Joshua Project – Kingsley Armstrong –

Kingsley, Cathy, Jemima & Isaac Armstrong live in Northallerton, North Yorkshire in the UK. They started their Joshua Project in 1995 and have since traveled extensively across the UK and to many nations throughout the world.

What Author Chad Gramling learned from his dad

As a child, I believed my dad could fix any type of motor. Whether it was a lawn mower, dirt bike or automobile, my dad could fix it. That knack extended into to all things mechanical and I’ve spent most of my life wishing I could be half as gifted.

What Andy Specht learned from His Dad

When asked this question my first thought was, what did I learn from my dad? It's not that I didn't learn anything, it's that it isn't something I gave much thought to. It didn't take long...