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Category: Father’s Day

Every father’s Day we honor Biblical Fatherhood by inviting men and women to author posts that will encourage men to become Godly Fathers.

Rick Amitin

Branded: A Father’s Legacy

A missing father easily translates into a missing God. My father was out there, somewhere. I met him. He was real. He was there. Just not there for me.

I was a Tough Cookie

I was a tough cookie, or thought I was, believing I could handle anything that came my way. By then, I had survived almost 20 years without my Father on earth and more than 30 years without my Father in Heaven. I didn’t understand

The Warrior in Me

How could I have ever known this man who would teach me his love for me was as big and boundless as the sky, would forever have shown me also, how to fight.

Memories of a Magnificent Man

My father’s relationship with the Lord profoundly influenced virtually every aspect of his life, resulting in his maturing into a man of godly character who sought to apply biblical principles in all he did.