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Episode 3 - The Quizzical Bible Man

What is Manly Training and How to Subscribe

The Manly Training Show is a YouTube Channel powered by Manly Training ( These are short videos that will help you understand what it means to be a man (according to God).

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To Fear or Not To Fear? That is The Question!

Knowing in your head that God loves you doesn’t make much difference. For God’s love to fuel and propel your life you must know it experientially. And knowing God's love experientially is what makes us truly fearless!

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Do You Want to Be Blessed?

This is a powerful truth of human nature. Yet, imagine how much more powerful this would be if, when applied, it were done so within the plan and hand of the LORD God Almighty?

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Are You a Victim of SID? Get Help Now

The subject of sex is rarely discussed freely in the open, but it is the most practiced secret of mankind. Because it is kept in secret and darkness, Satan has taken control of it to manipulate, traumatized, decimate, devastate and extinct people’s destinies and lives. It is as if the world is under the spell of SID i.e.