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Show me the money! MOD pt5


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The Man of Her Dreams (pt 5) – Money!

Gentlemen, becoming the man of your wife’s dreams means that you support her financially. I’m not talking about buying everything in the world she might want.
I’m not talking living in a palace, I’m talking about being able to support her where she doesn’t have to worry.
Now, that may mean that you have to give up a few of the toys or a few of the extras you might like. It might mean that you have to go to school and train for another job. It might mean that you’ll have to change jobs even though you are comfortable where you are. Let me tell you, financial security is important to a wife.

Now, do we go through periods where things are tight? Yes! Do we go through periods where the bills seem to never stop? Yes! But supporting your wife financially means that at least you provide your wife with the hope, that better days are on the way. Perhaps you’re waiting for a promotion, or your business is getting established, or you’re finishing school or you’re getting some past bills taken care of. Those things happen and they’re OK. But at least give your wife the hope that better days are on the way.

I remember when my wife and I got married, things were tight. I worked as an English Teacher, and I worked giving private English classes to Students who spoke other languages and wanted to make a better living. That’s fine. If you and your wife work through tight times at the beginning of your marriage, it can actually strengthen your marriage, but let her see that there’s better days on the way. Let her be encouraged by the fact that you’re working to get ahead and that she’s not going to have to worry about keeping a roof over her head for the rest of her life.

Men, you and I can live hand to mouth OK for a while, but we need to do our best to take care of our wives financially. And I’m not talking about working 60 & 70 hours a week all the time. That just leads to other problems at home. I’m talking about adjusting your job, or your spending habits, or standard of living, so that financial pressures can eventually be taken off of your wife.© 2016 Manly Training "The face of George Washington stares at you".

If you are going to be the man of your wife’s dreams, if you are going to love her sacrificially, then support her financially.


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