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Jesus The Teenage Rebel – Part 4

So far in this series about Jesus The Teenage Rebel, we have discussed the fact that Jesus was a very normal guy! If you missed any of the previous three parts, click on the links here to catch up!

Jesus The Teenage Rebel

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Today we want to take a look at an often overlooked part of Jesus’ life! We are always thinking that Jesus, since he is God, grew up in a special way. The only thing that was special about his life on earth as a child and a teenager is that His parents would often tell Him the stories about how He was born and How the angel appeared to them. His parents would surely remind Him frequently that He was the Son of God, the Messiah.

However, Jesus still had to grow up, just like everybody else!

4. Jesus had to learn and grow just like everybody else.

Notice what Jesus is doing in the temple: vs. 46: listening and asking questions! He’s learning – listening and asking questions!

We often think in this passage that Jesus is there setting them all straight – but that is not what is says!! It says He is learning from them! We have a glimpse here of Jesus’ Spiritual formation – of His Christian education. Jesus had to learn too. and it was hard work. Look at vs. 52

– Jesus GREW in wisdom (mind) and stature (physical) and in favor with God (spiritual) and men (social).

See how well-balanced that is! I love this. It wasn’t instantaneous for Jesus. It wasn’t handed to Him on a silver platter. How did He grow? How did His Spiritual Formation occur? Over time. through education. Through His family regularly attending spiritual celebrations. Jesus grew and learned just like every other human being.

Jesus Understands

I find that encouraging. It reminds me again how much Jesus really does understand all that we go through. He sat through school on days when the sun was shining brightly and it would have been more fun to run and play. Furthermore, He sat through sermons like you do on Sundays, and maybe some of them weren’t all that great. He maybe got in trouble for something He didn’t do. Isn’t it great to know that Jesus really does understand the things we go through on a daily basis – because He has lived them also.

Notice finally the consequences of Jesus’ growth: vs 51:

“He went down to Nazareth with them and was obedient”.

Obedience is always the consequence of true spiritual growth.

Jesus was a teenage rebel. He rebelled by choosing to put God first and by living to a higher calling. He rebelled against the mediocre legalistic religion of his day and lived with a faith of the heart that was intense and personal and full of joy.

Will you be a rebel like Jesus? Will you go against our world and:

– live for others rather than for yourself

– stand up for those our world takes for granted and treats with contempt


  • turn the other cheek when people do you wrong
  • you love in the midst of hate
  • maximize your opportunities to learn and grow instead of taking them for granted
  • choose to obey and grow even when that causes anxiety and tension

Will YOU be a rebel like Jesus??

I challenge you to that today: be a rebel like Jesus.

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