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NEW Blog – You Can Have Hope

Please welcome Tony Martin as the newest member of the Manly Training Ministry Team! Tony brings with him a substantial amount of experience and we are honored to have him as a columnist on Manly training with his blog “You Can Have Hope”. The following is an excerpt from his website, You Can Have Hope

NEW Blog – You Can Have Hope


If we’re honest, we’ve all faced times when the days were dark and the nights were unusually long.

This isn’t unique to you. It’s true of anyone who has a pulse.

My intent with this website is for me to be an encourager to you. This in no way implies that I have it all worked out, or that I’m some sort of wisdom ninja. We are all in this together. If I can share anything that lifts you up – not some bumper sticker slogan, or some piece of trendy fluff – then I’ll have accomplished what I set out to do.

I’m Tony Martin. I’d like to identify myself as a pilgrim, a sojourner, and and encourager. I’ll share some biographical details in a minute, but I can assure you that you won’t be blown away by my impeccable professional credentials. Although I do have them. Click here.

I started this blog in the spring of 2018. But because of a freak accident – a concussion that led to post-concussion syndrome (that’s nasty stuff; I’ll spare you the details, or you can Google it if you’re so inclined). The blog has been dormant since June of 2018.

All of us can testify to challenges we’ve faced and discouragement we’ve experienced. And if you are typical, you yearn for relief, for skills to not only survive the storm but prevail in the storm.

I Can Help

I can help. Or, rather, I can equip you to receive peace.

That’s why I resurrected this blog. It’s just the foundation of more to come – practical, healing tools that will give you comfort, and even success.

I’ll be updating the blog twice weekly. I’ll be positiveaffirming, and by God’s grace spiritually uplifting. (Disclaimer: I am a Christian, and if that makes you uncomfortable, just understand that all I share will be filtered through that worldview. That’s no condemnation of you on my part; I’m just being real.)

In days to come, I’ll be expanding the scope of this blog. I’ll be offering services that will help you and your loved ones. Watch for:

  • Online courses in spiritual growth, emotional health, goals, and applicable Bible study, It’ll be engaging, upbeat, and fun.
  • Life coaching opportunities. There are gazillions of people out there who offer something called “life coaching.” I’ll be coming at it from that Christian worldview, but the principles will be applicable to all. The big difference in life coaching and other disciplines (mentoring, teaching, counseling, etc.) is that my role is to help you set your own agenda, determine your own needs, and help lead you to discovery and action. Way fun. I’ll offer this one-on-one, in small groups, and virtually. I’m really excited about this – I’ll be certified and good to go.
  • I’m especially excited about not only the coach training I’ve received from the John Maxwell Team, but also the Youth Certification I’ll be working toward. That’s so in my wheelhouse it’s not even funny.

More about Tony

A big more about me: I serve the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board as Associate Editor of The Baptist Record, the newsjournal for Mississippi Baptists with a circulation of 50,000+. I’ve been at that since 2000. My background is student ministry – my first full-time position was in 1980, so you can do the math – that’s a loooooong time to be dealing with teenagers, but it’s still my first love. I’m still involved. I’ve written tons of curriculum over the years, done some consulting in youth ministry with a parachurch organization, directed camps … and I don’t play the guitar. A couple of side hustles include working with a travel agency specializing in Disney (another irrational passion), and performing magic as a part-time professional. I love to cook and I love Auburn football.

The biggest joy I have is family … I’ve been married to Teresa for 38 years. We have two grown kids – Jeremy, married to Kathleen, and Amy, married to Stone. They are both honorable young adults. As a bonus, Amy and Stone have provided two little grandkids, both under three – Katherine and Levi have caused us to lose our minds.

I’m walking a rugged road these days, and I want to share with you and come alongside you in your own journey.

Subscribe to my blog. I pray it’ll bless ya. And stick around for what comes next.

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