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What Author Tremayne Moore learned from His Dad

Tremayne_thumbOne thing that comes to mind when I think about my father is this: He would always ensure that when it came to dealing with a woman, that I would always heed the words of a classic Temptations song (which my dad loved along with the group), Treat Her Like A Lady – open the car door for her, be a gentleman. When my dad chauffeured me & my date to the ROTC Military Ball and my Junior/Senior Prom, he ensured that I went to her front door to pick her up, and as we walked to the car, to open the car door for her & close the door when she was secured in the car. He taught me that woman is special and should be treated as such. Ever since that day, I have always did what I could to treat a woman like a lady.
I lost my father in September 2012 (he passed when he was 60 years old to congestive heart failure). His love for singing and music kept me out of a lot of trouble. It’s evident when you look at some of my YouTube videos. He served 24 years in the military and I followed in his footsteps and serve 4 years. Although he’s not with me physically, his spirit will always live on in my heart.

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