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Let’s Work Together

Can you believe it’s been 4 years since Manly Training got started? Time flies when you are serving the Lord, doesn’t it? Well, as I pray for the future of Manly Training Ministries, I feel led to invite others to contribute and to become part of this movement that will bring change to our families and to our churches. Let’s work together.

If you are interested in becoming part of Manly Training ministries team of leaders who are making a difference, please contact us via email at or just reply to this post. Together, we can make a difference.

Here is what I am looking for:

  1. Pastors and Church leaders who would like to contribute articles and online help for men. If you can make a commitment to write at least one article every three (3) months, Manly Training Ministries can use your help. You can submit an article, a podcast or a video.
  2. Bloggers and Pod-casters who want to reach families all over the world with God’s Transforming Word. Manly Training Ministries can open up a platform for you to reach more people.
  3. Authors who are seeking a way to reach more people to share their message and works.

Here is how Manly Training can help you:

  • Manly Training Reaches thousands of people all over the world through our website and through our column on Your church, organization or your own website will get the benefit of reaching the thousands of people who currently visit our website on a daily basis. We will link to your website.

We need to work together. This invitation is open to everyone. However, manly Training Ministries reserves the right to accept or not to accept individuals or works that do not align with God’s Word or the Manly Training Manifesto:

Manly Training Manifesto :

Manly Training exists to bring people to Jesus and to celebrate God’s design for each person.  When people are aligned with God’s design, their families are blessed. We believe that God’s word is truth. The Bible is like a flashlight that provides clarity in every area where it shines it’s light. It tells the truth about God, the truth about humanity and the truth about our redemption in Jesus Christ. Therefore, we believe the Bible is our guide. It is like a Compass providing direction for our spiritual journey to become godly men as we navigate the roads of life.
From parenting to families, leadership to relationships, adoption to abortion, we seek to engage and invite a passionate community of men and women who are affecting real change worldwide.
Now let’s get to work. Please share this invitation with your church or pastors or with whom every you believe would like to contribute.

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