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Good Men or Godly Men?

3. Displays Christ

Before you can display Christ you must know Christ, you must follow Christ and then you must walk with Christ. The sad truth of today is that many people only know the church, they follow the church, and then they walk away from the church. The very reason they walk away is because the entirety of their faith is wrapped around an institution or organization. Now make no mistake, the person who knows Christ will be deeply committed to a local body because the authentic church is the bride and body of Christ. The Bible never gives any credence to a believer existing apart from the church, it doesn’t happen. However there are many men who come to church and have never been changed by the power of Christ.

2 Corinthians 5:17 tells of a transformation in your life. To know Christ personally is to be a NEW PERSON,  there is no other way. You cannot hang on to your sour attitude & belong to Him. To know Him is to be renewed in your mind and have the same mind as Jesus. Consider this. The godly man KNOWS Jesus because Jesus has transformed his life.

The godly man follows Jesus.

This was the disciples call and  the call for all others. There is no other call. Jesus said, “I only do what I see the Father do” so come follow me. Following Jesus means doing what He did. He touched people, taught people, served people, and saved people. His life was given to others. So is the life of a godly man.

God is searching for men full of compassion who will laugh, love, and cry. Men who will face eternity, and because they have a relationship with Jesus Christ, they aren’t afraid to die.

God is searching or better said; “God is calling” and it is not an easy call. It is not for the good it is for the GODLY.

The Importance of Discipline

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