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Good Men or Godly Men?

The Story of God’s Chosen People

The second story is found over in Ezekiel 22. For me this is a sister type of story to King Asa. This instructs men, dads, & grandpas that God expects you to lead spiritually.

The story of God’s chosen people is this: The Jewish nation which cannot get along is divided into 2 Kingdoms, Israel in the North & Judah in the South. In particular, it is well documented that Israel had one wicked King after another (just like their people).

Simply put, God warned Israel and called on them to repent of their wickedness and to turn & follow HIM only. Their response was to reject God’s call. For this reason, they paid a price. Resisting God exacts a price! Around 722 BC the Northern Kingdom, Israel, fell to the Assyrians & were taken into captivity and around 586 BC The Southern Kingdom, Judah, fell to the Babylonians and were taken into captivity.

Instead of living in the land of promise, they wound up living in the land of captivity, penalty, & cruelty. Why did this happen? Eze. 22:30

‘“I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one. ‘ Ezekiel 22:30

The Story of Today

Today, God is searching for men! God is searching for men who will ‘repair the wall’! What wall you say? The walls of our culture, our country, and even are churches are falling down.

God is searching for men who will not only repair the wall, but also stand in the gap before Him. There is a gap between mankind and God. You see, God is righteous and mankind, by nature, is unrighteous. And how can we stand in the gap? We do this by answering His call.

When Jesus ministered on earth, He called 12 men. Jesus looked at these men square in the eye and said: “Follow Me.” Today we talk about walking with God, but we can never walk with God until we follow after Christ. Christ stood in the gap between our wickedness & God’s righteousness, and it cost Him His life. God is calling men today to be ‘The one’ who’ll repair the wall and stand in the gap because their heart is completely devoted to HIM.

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