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Mastering Fatherhood by Pastor Ted Thevaos

Mastering Fatherhood

In 2001, I was serving as the youth pastor of Destiny Church and sitting at my office desk when I received a phone call from my mother. She called with sad news! My grandmother’s health had declined significantly and she was near death. She’d been suffering with Alzheimer’s for over seven years up until this point. Immediately, I told my mother that I wanted to travel with my father to be with him and my grandmother before she passed. I’ll never forget that plane flight to Nashville and that drive through the smoky mountains on our way to Charlotte, North Carolina. Unfortunately, we were too late to say goodbye. She was already in the presence of Jesus when we arrived.

Later, as I began to reflect on why I wanted to be with my father and be there for him, this reality struck me. My father has always been there for me, and I’ll always be there for him. It’s as simple as that!

6The Master

Most men can identify with being good at their work, sports, or some achievement. There are master plumbers, master golfers, or master mechanics. Mastering marriage, fatherhood, and family, on the other hand seems daunting. Why is that?

To begin with according to, “an estimated 24.7 million (33%) children live live absent their biological father.” Can you believe that? A third of the population hasn’t known a present, loving, providing father. If that was me, I’d imagine it’d be hard to have good feelings about fatherhood, not to mention a compelling vision. I don’t know if I’d even want to risk putting someone else through what I went through, unless I could give them what I never had.

Great Fathers

All I’ve ever known is several generations of fathers and grandfathers on both my father’s and mother’s side. In fact, they all kept their marriage vows until they parted at death. Now they weren’t perfect, but over time they allowed the heavenly Father to make them into some great fathers by His grace.

The big 3 things that I believe my father’s taught me, by example, didn’t come through 5human achievement. I’m convinced it came from a knowledge and experience with the heavenly Father through, His one and only Son, Jesus.

Jesus told his disciples before his ascension, “…And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20) Jesus was there for his followers, which were like sons to him. It was something that he learned from his heavenly Father. The Father was there at Jesus’ baptism saying, “This is my son in whom I’m well pleased.” Jesus was eager to get alone from the pressures of life and ministry to spend time with his Father, through prayer. At his darkest hour in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus drew guidance and strength from his Father to accomplish his mission at the cross.

Memories of Great Fathers

When I remember back over my 41 years of life, I wasn’t alone. I’ve got memories of my father and grandfather’s at my soccer and basketball games cheering me on and giving me coaching tips. They were there when I graduated from elementary school, middle school, high school, and college expressing how proud they were. They were there at every birthday giving gifts and writing loving cards that celebrated my life. And now they’re here for my children, doing the same thing!

3Mastering fatherhood starts with being there for your children! If you say you’re going to be there, be there. I work, because I love my wife and kids and because I want to provide. I work, so I can have free time to spend with them. They are why I work! I don’t work to escape from my family. I can’t wait to see them at the end of the day and I care more about what they think than anybody else in the world. It’s important to mention that I believe this is the heart of the heavenly Father and how my father and grandfather’s always treated me.

What did Jesus Say About Great Fathers?

Jesus said, “So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him.” (Matthew 7:11) This scripture reminds us that earthly fathers that don’t have a relationship with the heavenly Father have been known to provide for their children and give good gifts. How much more would our heavenly Father give us! And I would say, how much more should we as godly fathers give to our children.

I remember working for my mom’s parents, over the summers, in their business and at their home. They were always so generous and grateful for the work I did. It really helped to build my confidence and skills that are a part of who I am today. My dad’s parents were no different. However, they lived on the other side of the country and I only saw them on vacations. Because of the circumstances, they usually gave us gifts. I remember the time my grandfather gave me $100 in cash and gave each of my sisters only $20. I guess it was because I was the only boy of 5 children and I was named after him. He also bought me my first car. About a $6,000 gift!


This generosity made me feel secure, safe, and valued as a child. And now my parents 2are doing the same for my children and their other grandchildren. And, I know, I can go to them if ever I have a need. I just have to ask!

So secondly, mastering fatherhood involves working hard to give good gifts and provide for our children. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. They’ll do the same for their children and others. We impart a legacy of generosity that started way back with a generous heavenly Father.

At Jesus’ water baptism, a major milestone in his life and ministry, this is what his heavenly Father said publicly about him, “This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy. Listen to him.”

I Love you!

How many children have never heard these three simple powerful words from their earthly father? I love you! Many men have a hard time saying, “I love you!”, to their wife and their children. Imagine if fathers could go a step further and say, “You bring me great joy…you make me happy…you make me smile…I’m pleased with you!” Imagine how that would cause children to soar into their full potential in life. 2

I’m convinced most things are better caught than taught. We learn by example and experience. If our father never spoke blessing over us or expressed this kind of love, we will probably never do it for our children. It’s a vicious cycle that’s more of a curse than a blessing.

Bless You Children

Lastly, mastering fatherhood involves speaking blessing over our children. We have to get a revelation from the heavenly Father of who he’s created our children to be and then speak extravagant love over them. If that comes hard to you, maybe you don’t even know who God’s made you to be and how much he loves you. If your tank is empty, so to speak, how are you going to fill up your child’s. I understand! Let me give you the best place to start filling up your fatherhood tank.

As blessed as I’ve been to be born into a family with great father’s, there have been other men that have shaped me significantly. I would consider these men spiritual fathers.

1Men like John Bell, Dave Bell, Matt Bell, Mike Bell, Wayne Beadles, Archie Alderson, Terry Sisneros, David Fischer, Brad Noyes, Roland Ashby, Ron Bishop, Jeff Gonzales, Rick Shearouse, Marcos Witt, Mike Herron, Sam Mckern, Sam Walker, Chris Flores, John Ramon, James Vasquez, Eduardo Quintana, Richard Medina, Rick Annunzio, Julian Macias, Aaron Mendenhall and many more I could mention. I met all of these great fathers at Destiny Church, a local Christian church in San Antonio, Texas. Some of them had great fathers and some not so much, but one thing is for certain they got a spiritual heart transplant from the heavenly Father when they chose to follow the Son of God, Jesus Christ. It’s only Jesus’ love, forgiveness, and example that’s empowered them to become master fathers.

Worship God

Secondly, we’ve learned how to be better Fathers by worshiping God together, 7applying God’s Word to our lives, learning from one another, and encouraging each other on this journey of mastering fatherhood.

We have chosen to put family first above the achievements and pleasures of this world. We are living for another King and another Kingdom. Jesus is the eternal King with an eternal Kingdom. Our aim is to prepare our children for the day He returns. A day where we can spend forever, together, in heaven!

Our Story told by Pastor Ted Thevaos

4My wife, Anna, and I both had life-changing experiences with God at a young age in the church. We remember the good news being presented and deciding to follow Jesus. We felt the love of a Heavenly Father who gave his Son for us. He was so gracious to forgive us, renew us and give us the assurance of eternal life with Him. In that moment, and in moments since then, we’ve felt the abiding presence of God.

Like many other Christians, we’ve been telling family, friends, and even strangers about Jesus ever since. Honestly, our marriage and family wouldn’t work without Him. He’s the center of everything we are!

The Journey

Along this journey of faith, of over 20 years, God’s been faithful to send other Christian leaders our way to let us know He’s called me to be a pastor and church planter.

Like every other leader, there’s been an exciting and challenging season of preparation. Since 1999, I’ve served on the pastoral team of Destiny Church in San Antonio, Texas. Pastor Dave Bell gave me my first opportunity in ministry. It’s been a joy to serve as a worship leader, youth pastor, children’s pastor, executive pastor, and on the elder team.

In 2002, I received a prophetic word that confirmed a desire that God had placed in my heart nearly 10 years before. It was that God had called me to pastor a congregation and that I wouldn’t be an orphan from the Destiny family. Like other prophetic words, I tucked it away for God to bring it to pass in his timing.

In December of 2011, God began to unfold this new church vision to me. It was right after my grandfather, whom I’m named after, passed away. I got the whole picture within a few days. Our name, LifeShare Church and Our mission, Connecting people to a loving Heavenly Father in everyday life. Our key verse, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly”  John 10:10. Our values. There was a stirring in my spirit!

I shared the vision with Pastor Dave and he expressed agreement and a belief that it was God’s will. Unfortunately, he passed away unexpectedly a few months later due to heart complications. This was extremely difficult for his family and the congregation, but we all pulled together to strengthen one another.

Now that Destiny Church is strong again and being well led by Dave’s eldest son, Matthew, I feel the leading of the Spirit to launch out and start LifeShare Church on March 5, 2017. Pastor Matt Bell and the Destiny Elders have sent me and my family with their blessing, along with a launch team. It’s an honor to be sister ministries and to reach another community in San Antonio for the glory of God. –Pastor Ted Thevaos

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