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Who Is A Godly Father? Are You?

I am going to start this series by proclaiming a fact. That fact is that Real Men are in very short supply. I am talking about Real men who will say,  “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. Not everyone who is a male is a man. I mean a real man, a godly man. You can be born a male, but it takes maturity to be a man. You’re young only once, but you can be immature forever. What I am talking about is more than being born male, I am talking about being a real, masculine, virile, Godly, Biblical man so you can become a godly father. And this is why Manly Training exists.

So, what is real manliness? What is God’s plan for the man? If you purchase a dishwasher, a refrigerator, a stereo, a CD player, or anything else, you get a book of instructions. If you get a new car, you get a book, an owner’s manual. God has given us a book. It is the Word of God and from the Word of God we’re going to find God’s plan for the man. We’re not going to get it from Tom Brokaw or Donald Trump. And we’re not even going to get it from Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood or any other popular Hollywood actor. We’re going to have to find out from God’s Word what God’s plan for the man is. There is a basic fundamental difference between men and women and the devil is doing all that he can do to blur that distinction.

The Bible says in Genesis 1:27 that God made them in the beginning, male and female. Today, there are those who are trying to tell us that there is no fundamental difference between a man and a woman and they’re saying this in the name of “equality”. Men and women are equal, but they are not the same.

The first thing we need to do is to understand that God made man, and God made woman.

Psalm 128

Blessed are all who fear the Lord,
    who walk in obedience to him.
You will eat the fruit of your labor;
    blessings and prosperity will be yours.
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine
    within your house;
your children will be like olive shoots
    around your table.
Yes, this will be the blessing
    for the man who fears the Lord.

May the Lord bless you from Zion;
    may you see the prosperity of Jerusalem
    all the days of your life.
May you live to see your children’s children—
    peace be on Israel.

God made them different. And God made them different for a purpose. If you want to become the man that God created you to be, you will need to study Psalm 128. You will need to search for God’s wisdom in this Psalm like someone who is searching for a hidden treasure! I will take parts of this Psalm every week and pull it apart in a way that makes sense to the modern man!  It is in this Psalm that we are going to find out what a real man is. We are going to find out what God’s plan is for the man. And in doing so, I pray we will find out who we are!

Are you ready? Will you follow me on this journey? Can you handle it? I dare you to read through this series. It may just change your life. Don’t miss it!

Godly Men – Are They Extinct?



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