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The Names of the Florida School Shooting Victims – Where Was God when they were Slaughtered?

Some of the 17 people who died in the shooting had tried to spare others during the chaos. Among the dead: a teacher, a coach, a dancer and a trombonist.

Source: The Names of the Florida School Shooting Victims

Where was God on Wednesday, February 14th, 2018, when innocent little children were slaughtered like animals? Where was God when evil was seemingly allowed to run free on a wild rampage? I’ll tell you where He was. He was present. No, He was VERY present. He was in the school and in the classrooms.

We Kicked Him Out of the Schools

Yes, I know, we kicked Him out of the school system and we forbade the posting of the Ten Commandments, [the Supreme Courts wording: “If the posted copies of the Ten Commandments are to have any effect at all, it will be to induce the School children to read, meditate upon, perhaps to venerate and obey the Commandments.” Let me translate. You cannot display the commandment ‘thou shalt not kill’ because somebody might obey it!] I understand the argument that we booted God out, but we actually don’t have the authority to tell the omnipresent One where He can and can’t be!

Make no mistake about it, God was there! And He gathered those kids up in His sheltering arms, like a hen gathers chicks under her wing. I know this because Jesus said to bring the little children unto Him, for of such is the kingdom of heaven. And He who wept at the grave of Lazarus has a heart for all His children!

Innocent Blood

The Bible says there’s one thing that gets God’s fullest attention more than anything else, and that is innocent blood which cries out to Him. Where is God in such tragedy? Very present! He is all over that kind of situation, giving a dying grace which you and I have not experienced only because we’ve not yet needed it. “Shall not the Judge of the earth do right?” God is love, and in His character we know He is there where He is needed most.

And these kids which looked forward to growing up and having full lives awoke together, not in a better place, but the BEST place, and what a class party it was and continues to be…and we, the saved, will one day join in the festivities which will last for all eternity!

Human History

Some events in human history impact us so deeply that we will forever have engraved in our minds where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news. [Space Shuttle Challenger, John F. Kennedy assassination, 9/11] Where were you? Where was God?

1. The same place He was when Adam rebelled in Eden – He was present, and waiting to cover his sin. (Gen 3)

The Garden of Eden

Where was God when man first raised his ugly head of defiance and rebellion? Was He really present? Couldn’t He have stopped it before it began? Oh, it is not a matter of whether or not He could have. It is a matter of His design for humanity and His plan of redemption. He designed us with a freedom of choice. In His sovereign foreknowledge He made provision before the world was ever created for man’s redemption; knowing full well that man would make disastrous choices from the beginning. When Adam and Eve finally “fessed-up”, He was there with a covering for their nakedness and shame; exacting the ultimate punishment on an innocent victim to cover man’s sin. But, He was there!

“Where was God?” …

2. The same place He was when Noah built an ark – very present, and protecting him from disaster. (Gen 6-9)

Sadly, man’s rebellion did not end with Adam and Eve. Sin brought a curse to the earth and bad things happen, not because of God, but because of man’s sin against God! Adam’s sons, and their son’s sons for every generation followed in their rebellious path. Until such time that the wickedness of man filled the whole earth and its stench rose as an offence to the Holiness of God.

Noah’s Dilemma

Yet in the midst of such ungodliness, “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” (Gen 6:8). Here was a man, not a perfect, but a righteous man, who faithfully proclaimed the righteousness of God. (2 Pet 2) And when God, grieved by man’s wicked rebellion, determined to wipe man from the face of the earth, He furthermore determined to spare Noah and his family, and from their stock re-populate planet earth. So in mankind’s greatest natural disaster, God was on His throne protecting His own.

“Where was God?” …

3. The same place He was when Joseph was rotting in jail – ever present, accomplishing His perfect will for higher purposes than man can discern ahead of time. (Gen 37-50)

If ever anyone was misunderstood and ill treated, it was Joseph. If ever anyone suffered wrongly, it was Joseph. Yet with all his hardships, problems and abuse, Joseph was able to honestly say, “You meant it for harm, but God meant it for good.” This was certainly true in the case of his brothers selling him into slavery, Mrs. Potiphar falsely accusing him of attempted rape, and the lapse of memory of his Butler friend. Yet each step of the way, God was able to take Joseph’s trying circumstance and mold him ever more closely into the man he would one day become. He was there all the time, though I am sure Joseph must have wondered at times where God was, in the end all knew well He was there all the time.

“Where was God?” …

4. The same place He was when Job lost his children and everything he had {except a nagging wife} – present, and proving Himself to be God despite unfortunate circumstances. (Job 1-2)

Just as Noah’s generation experienced earth’s greatest natural disaster, Job would surely rank among the top in man’s history as experiencing the greatest personal disaster.

Job’s Suffering!

Again we see a man, a good man, a godly man standing for what is right and hating what is wrong. Did being “blameless and upright” immune Job from problems, or even disaster? Of course not! Job lived on a planet that at times experienced natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes and fire. There were evil men in his day, too, who were willing to kill and steal to get what they wanted. And, he became the special target of Satanic fury, and remember that Satan is the Destroyer who seeks to kill above all else, not discriminating between the innocent little children and the guilty young man whose heart the devil likely possessed. God does not cause such tragedies, but sometimes removes His restraining hand and allows mankind to see that the wages of sin is death.

Job’s Duty

Job lost everything of value; even his precious children. Where was God? Had He turned His back on Job? Would Job return the favor by turning his back on God? No! and NO! God had not deserted Job. And Job would not curse God, even though he was urged to do so.

Where was God when Job was losing all? Where was He when Job’s children were killed and when Job’s flesh was wracked with pain? Job maintained his integrity and recognized that it was God’s sovereign prerogative to give and take, and it was his duty to “Bless the name of the Lord.” And in the end God was there giving him double of all he had lost!

More on Where Was God?

“Where was God?” … We could go on and on and tell of experiences such as …

… Moses (Ex. 1-4) on the backside of the desert – being prepared for greater service.

… Samson (Jud 14-16) groping in darkness – being strengthened in his hour of weakness.

… Jonah (Johan 1-4) being swallowed by a fish – learning that God’s way is best.

… Daniel (Dan. 6) being thrown to hungry lions – resting comfortably on a “lion-skin-rug” while jealous men sought to end his life because of his faithful testimony.

… Peter & John (Acts 3-5) beaten for preaching the Gospel – being given greater opportunities for sharing the good news of Christ.

… or Paul (Acts 14-28) being stoned, shipwrecked and imprisoned – yet being assured that all things work together for good to them who love God.

But maybe the greatest insight into the heart of God when a tragedy strikes such as this week is to respond in this way to the question…

“Where was God?” …

The same place He was on another day when His own son’s innocent life was being taken from Him. Very present – Jesus was God in the flesh, enduring the pain for the benefit of others. (Matt 27) And even the Father didn’t flee the scene, but simply turned His back in those final moments when the sin of the world was placed upon His Son. Even Jesus felt forsaken, and asked God why His presence wasn’t felt. But God was present, but allowed sin to run its course, and that is always a most ugly scene!

Oh the horror!

Oh the horror! Oh the agony! Oh the anguish! Oh the pain! Not just the thorns on His brow. Not just the lashes on His back. Not just the bruises from the reeds and fist of his captors. Not just he plucking of the beard from His face. Not just the insult of the spittle being sprayed at Him. Not just the nails in His hands and feet. Not just the spear piercing His side. All of this, yes; plus the weight of the sins of the world pressing down on His shoulders.

Where was God when His one and only Son hung dying on the cross? Didn’t He know? Were the mockers right? Shouldn’t Jesus have been able to come down from that cross? Couldn’t the Father have prevented it? Was He helpless? Was He not aware? Didn’t He care?

God Could Have Stopped it

Of course He knew! Of course He could have prevented it! Of course He could have stopped it! Of course He wasn’t helpless! Of course He was aware! Of course He cared! The Father knew it was happening, could have stopped it, but He didn’t. For this we are glad!

He had a larger picture in view. There was a greater good to be accomplished by the suffering and death of Jesus. Through the suffering of One, many would be made whole. Through the sacrifice of One, many would have their sins forgiven. Through the death of One, many would be made alive.

He wasn’t just sitting idle and helpless as His Son suffered. He was using the schemes of wicked, evil hearts to bring about the redemption of mankind. He reminds us that … “my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isa 55:8-9)

God was not surprised on Wednesday,

But He was saddened by it.

God did not cause this tragedy,

But He does comfort those affected by it.

God may not prevent future acts like this,

But He will provide peace to those whose hearts are filled with hatred if they will turn to Him.

We Must Pray…

Let us pray that America responds to this wake up call, that it will be used mightily for God’s purposes of good, that we will return to Him, and that multitudes will come to Jesus like a little child in faith, and hop up into His lap, and let Him fill their hearts. Let us pray against the way Satan wants to use this.

Already the devil is causing us to suddenly not feel so guilty about the sins in our own lives, because, by comparison, we’re nothing like this evil maniac. The world says, Hey, I shouldn’t feel so guilty about my drinking, adulterating, cheating, and such. I’m not like THAT guy. I’m a good person! Even Christians are prone to try to make ourselves feel better about our own wickedness by comparing ourselves to others. “Hey, I’m no child killer!”

In Perspective…

Oh no? We ARE a nation of child killers! What about the tragedy which strikes every day in America as we continue the slaughter of little children? The talking heads on TV say this one got our attention because of they were young kids, barely teenagers. If that’s true, then why can’t we wake up to the cry of innocent blood coming from within the womb…the only place on earth which should be safer than our homes and schools?!

No, we’re all evil. All have sinned and all come up short. God doesn’t differentiate between big sins and little sins. We are all capable of great wickedness, and we prove it every day when we choose to do wrong…we prove ourselves as sinners in need of a Savior.


Judgment must begin in the house of God. The God who said, “If my people” reminds us today that it begins in our homes and our church. The fix isn’t found in simply posting guards in our schools or throwing more money at educating minds more. Wicked sin is in the heart, and hearts must be changed. No metal detector can change the evil human heart.

We lock off the children’s wing and we have people packing heat in our services, which is only prudent, but God has not given us the spirit of fear…our hope and shelter is found in Him, and He is the only hope for America, but this isn’t just about the school house…this movement must begin in your house and in God’s house!

I’m thankful that this world is not my home, I’m just an ambassador in exile. Now, how should I represent my king who has placed me here in these last days?

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