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Godliness vs Godlessness – Every Godly Man Must Know This!

Where are the godly men? There are many men today that are living godless lives and not even thinking about it. But why?  The reality is that for many men, although they would not dare say this,  godliness is useless!

Godliness vs. Godlessness

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I wholeheartedly believe that this is the reason that Christianity has come to a standstill, especially in America! Men shrug off godliness as not important.  As proof of this, I offer the churches all across America. There is a lack of men in our churches today.  Except for the pastors and elders, the audience or congregation lacks men. Many of our women are either coming to church alone or dragging their men with them. Where are the godly men? Where are the men who are going to lead their families? Where are the men who have family devotions? Have you seen the men who live for God at work and read their Bibles? Men who pray? Who care for their children? Christianity needs godly men.

Many guys will not associate godliness with manliness.  In our society, these two words may even appear to contradict. I can think of many so called Christian men who brag on how many women are interested in them.  For the average American guy,  living a God-fearing life is not considered manly.

The Hardest Thing in Life

I will tell you this, living a godly life is the hardest thing in the world to do. Do you think I am wrong? If you do, just try doing it!  Why don’t you try reading the word of God and then following it. Try loving people who hate you and then try living a pure life daily!  Try giving your life to God and learning to hate sin and not just the consequences. If you do, you will discover just how difficult it is to be a Christian today. Living a godly life is not only hard, it is necessary.

It is obvious to me that men in our society do not see why it is important to live a godly life. If they did,  pornography would not be so rampant today. Assuming they understood this, the world would be changed. Supposing they believed it, there would not be so many fatherless children in our nation. As long as men valued it, we would not see so many kids leaving our churches today.  If men really thought that living a godly life was important, there would not be so much biblical illiteracy in our culture today. Christianity needs men who will decide to read the truth of the Bible, who will believe the truth of the Bible, and who will obey the truth of the Bible.

What does that have to do with it?

When I have this kind of conversations with men in my line of work and men in other professions, I always hear the same excuse.  “I am a  (fill in the blank  with whatever profession you wish).  In my line of work, it is virtually impossible to live a godly life. Sin is all around me, I would be a very unsuccessful (blank) if I tried to live a godly life”.

I do not care if you are a police officer, nurse, janitor, bank teller, teacher, lawyer, etc. we all should live godly lives. Remember, I am speaking primarily to men. However, this really applies to everybody.  But since this is a blog for men, I will stick to the fact that being godly will make you more manly than anything else.  Living a godly life is very difficult. It will require self-control and discipline.  If you choose to live a godly life, you will be persecuted and hated. Then, you will be treated differently but in the end God will be exalted.  I say to you, live a godly life, not because you will be successful in your line of work.  Living a godly life will not guarantee that.  But we need to be godly men, first and foremost to honor our God. Secondly, to  Bring honor to our families and thirdly to role model for our children.  So, how do you do that?

Start with Prayer

Well, start by praying earnestly.  Prayer is not a series of words you memorize that will please God. It is not a method by which you ask God to grant your every wish.  Prayer is a way to talk to God and to get to know him. It is pouring out your life before God and seeking God’s will for your life, no matter how difficult.

Then Read God’s Word

The next thing you need to do is to read the word of God daily.  Let me ask you a question. If your father passed away and left you a significant inheritance, wouldn’t you want to know?  What would you do if after his passing, the attorney came to you and said, “your father left you this car and that’s it.  I have read your father’s last will and testament and I am interpreting it to you. This is what your father wanted”.  Would you listen to the attorney and say, “OK, thank you for interpreting my father’s last will and testament for me. Can I have the keys to the car? It’s time for me to go”!

I would not do that! I would want to read my father’s last will and testament for myself. Then, I would seek to understand every word and demand every last thing inherited to me.  If you read God’s word this way, you will understand the heart of your father better.

These two things, praying to God and reading God’s word will help you live a godly life as a man. These things will enable you to stand tall during times of adversity.  The combination of these two things will fill you with God’s power  enabling you to become quick to forgive when others have offended you!

Being Godly is Not for the Weak.

So what do you do after that? I mean, we live in a society that is full of all sorts of ungodly things! As men, we are expected to do these things, to partake of these things and to be a part of these sinful things.  Things such as telling crude jokes, cussing, having sex outside of marriage, watching porn, and being overall aggressive.  If you are a man, you’re expected to do these things or else your labeled less than a man. But God calls us to live a life where everything you do is to the honor and glory of Jesus Christ.image

Being godly is not for the weak. Being godly is a lifestyle for every manly man in Christ. You can show the world that you are sold out for God. That you are a guy who loves God with his whole heart. And in doing so, you will show the world that real men can live a pure lifestyle and stay godly. We need men who are bold and unashamed of Christ in every walk of life. We need to let our light shine in darkness.  Are you called to be a man that lives his life for Christ? Are you a man that will put God first, his family second and everything else after that?  Will you live a godly life and answer the call of God or will you continue to live selfishly? I pray that every man that reads this post will become Godly Men.

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