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25 Years!

It’s Been 25 Years!

I was only 23 years old when I married the love of my life and 25 years have passed from the day we took this picture.

Last year (December 14, 2016), my wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We celebrated at home with our three children. It was a quiet affair, we didn’t go out for dinner and we didn’t throw an elaborate party. There were no flowers or promises of love and fidelity until the day we die. We just enjoyed our company and then we ate cake with our three boys and our friends! This was the best anniversary ever!

We both agreed that we have built our life together to last through all the fires that might come our way. We’ve been through many of those fires and, while we occasionally got singed, and sometimes had to trust God for healing and nurturing, we are now strong in our understanding of each other. But most importantly, we are strong because of God. When we tied the knot, it wasn’t just Yolanda and I that made the commitment to make this marriage last. God was going to be the glue that would hold us together, forever!

You know, It’s important that we get this right. For God uses marriage to illustrate his relationship with his church. I look forward to this year when 25 years are no more and we get to celebrate our 26th year together!

Mark Twain said,” No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century”.

But God said, “Husbands, love your wife in the same way that Jesus loved the church”. (Personal paraphrase). If you want your marriage to last, you need to live to die for your wife. Men, you need to understand this in order to push through those tough times that are guaranteed to come in any marriage.

To my wife; I pray that God will grant us another 25 years and more together. I cannot imagine my life without you. You complete me! My life would be so empty without you. The Lord bless you and keep you and fill you with blessings.

To my three sons; I pray that when they grow up and get married, they will remember how I treated their mother and that they will treat their wives in the same way or even better. God bless them with Godly wives that will complete them like my wife has done for me.

To God; Thank you!

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