Sexual impurity will destroy your life

Sexual impurity will destroy your life.

Satan is not concerned about you, he wants to destroy you! One tactic that the devil uses in our generation is sexual impurity. If you are going to win this battle you are going to have to have a strategy to be pure. Our moral values in this country are on a free fall. Purity is mocked at and ridiculed. You must have non-negotiable values to be able to stand strong on. Sexual impurity is rampant.

Today is Saturday and I believe it to be a good day to talk about men being pure. Men need to understand the importance of purity and how to teach that to our kids.

Satan is a good fisherman.

He uses the right bait and the right lures. The skimpy outfit and low cut shirts will lure a man. Men will see the wiggle and the juggle and they are lured to this and just like a fish is attracted to the juggle and the wiggle of the bait and the lour. If you take a bite, you will be hooked. Men think that somehow they are not subject to the consequences of moral impurity. But they are wrong! The consequences will catch up to you if they have not already done so. Many men have a secret life going on and will switch back and forth between these two lives.

So how does this all happen?

Let’s take a look at the mechanics of it. Men are attracted to the things they see while women are attracted to the things they hear. Today I am talking to men so we will discuss the visual more than anything else. When you are attracted to something you see you need to just say “Holy Ghost” and cover your eyes. Once when I spoke about this to a group of men and they took it so seriously that later that day you could hear men all over the mall as they went shopping with their wives saying “Holy Ghost”. You could hear “Holy Ghost”, everywhere you walked in that mall.

The Temptation

There is temptation in the world that tries to corrupt your life. To defeat this temptation, you need to rule your spirit, if you don’t, you are like a city without walls. Let me explain, a city without walls in biblical times would fall to the enemy. The walls were there to keep the enemy out and the citizens safe inside the walls. Sexual impurity will ruin your world. Many men think that somehow they will escape the consequences. Think about all the famous people who have fallen to it. Politicians, athletes and even pastors and ministers.

Some of you are hoping your impurity never gets exposed. If that is you, you need to rebuild the walls of your life so you can keep the enemy out and your life safe. Pray like this: “Lord, I’m going to make it easy for you so you don’t make it hard on me”. Then begin to confess everything to God. When I did this, I think I even began to invent stuff, just in case.

Don’t Look

Sexual Impurity starts with a look and continues with a touch and then you are trapped. Let’s take a look a the life of Samson. Now, Samson was a manly man! He once ran a marathon with 2000 pounds on his back. But God required three things of him. 1.- Don’t touch a grape. 2.- Don’t touch a dead body 3.- Don’t cut your hair. Notice how one thing leads to another; His downfall began in a vineyard where he killed a lion. What was he doing in a vineyard? And how do you kill a lion in a vineyard without touching a grape? Then he noticed that after some time bees had made honey inside the dead lion so Samson took it out of the dead carcass of the lion. Soon after that he found himself getting a haircut with an immoral woman.


Pornography is a huge issue in the USA. Over 54% of Christian men have a problem with pornography. 30% of internet traffic is pornography. $3 million dollars a second are being spent on porn in America. How do you stay safe from this? If I can show you how the devil attacks you, maybe you can learn to defend yourself. There are four things I want to show you. They are just as progressive as the example I gave about Samson. This is how the devil will attack a man in the area of sexual impurity.

I. Your Imagination

The first step in the process is your Imagination. First, the devil will attack your imagination. You don’t wake up one day saying to yourself. I think I’ll commit adultery today! NO! It started with a thought and an imagination. Satan is trying to infiltrate your mind to destroy you. This is how Satan attacked Eve in the garden of Eden. Satan asked her a question and Eve began to think and imagine what it would be like to eat that fruit. Was it sweet? Juicy? Refreshing? And what kind of knowledge would she have?

The worst days of my life!

I went to the doctor to get a yearly physical and my doctor sent me to go do blood work as part of the exam. The doctor’s assistant called me a couple of days later and told me that the doctor ordered additional tests because there was something the doctor did not like. Let me tell you that the next 24 hours were the most challenging and difficult hours of my life. I began to imagine what would happen to my wife and my kids if something happened to me. Who would help them? I even began to plan my funeral. Then I gave my doctor some more blood and she sent it off to the lab. It took 8 days to get the results back and those had to be the worst days of my life. Just how much your imagination starts to take over every aspect of your life is amazing! But it does and that is how the devil uses your imagination to trap you. So cast down those imaginations! YOU CAN STOP THE ATTACK.

II. High thoughts.

The second step in the process are High Thoughts. Once you meditate on an imagination it becomes a high thought. The more you allow those imaginations to take root in your hearty and life, the bigger the issue because you have now graduated the imagination to a High Thought that dominates your life. You can’t stop thoughts from coming to you but you can stop them from building up in your mind. Just like I can’t stop a bird from landing on my head but I can stop the bird from building a nest on it.

II. The Stronghold

The third step in the process that Satan uses is the Stronghold. When that imagination becomes a High thought and when that high thought turns into an action it turns into a stronghold. Each time you purposefully sin, you do it more often because it becomes easier. Unrepented,  habitual sin can lead to a lifestyle. You cannot fool around with temptation and escape its ugly grip. Therefore, Resist the devil and he will flee. Resist the Devil means that you have the power to do something about it.


This is a sense of darkness and limiting that you have when you have been in sin for a long time. If you are in Oppression, your life is now caught in a web of lies and you will, if you have not already, end up ruining your life.

Do you want to be Pure?

Are you a man that wants to be pure? Do you want to have integrity? First, you need receive Jesus in your life as your savior and your Lord. Then you need to ask him to forgive you, confess your sin, and Cast out everything that is hindering you from breaking free from that sinful life you have forged. Jesus will heal the oppressed. That’s what He does. What are you waiting for? Do it today. Then, get some help. You can’t do it alone.

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