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God is a Good Father, You can be too.

Hello my friend,

I wanted to reach out to you today because I am proud to announce the release of my first book “God is a Good father, You can be too”. The book will be released in October 2017 and will make a great Holiday gift.

As a friend and supporter of my websites; Manly Training God Snapejq3 PodcastTraining Dads I believe you will appreciate my evolution as an author and father.

Even though Manly Training Ministries has a large following I must admit my mission was incomplete. There were still fathers struggling, still dads with questions, and still men with inspiring stories to share. With that being said, I joined this impressive group of fathers to co-author this book so we could answer the questions dads, parents and caregivers are faced with today.

In the pages of “God is a good father, You can be too” you will meet dads from diverse upbringings and family structures.  You will meet men who have endured significant tragedy and others who have experienced great triumphs. These dads will take you on a heartfelt journey and answer the questions families are dealing with today. Each chapter tackles an important issue and each chapter is written with unconditional love.

Thank you for your past support and I would be elated if you would consider supporting “God is a good father, You can be too”.  If this book is not your cup of tea, I would ask one favor; please, if you have friends or loved ones dealing with the struggles and demands of parenthood let them know help is on the way. “God is a good Father, You can be too” is my first publication made possible through Motivation Champs’. The book can be pre-ordered using Paypal. Just click on the link and send $16.00 per book plus $8.00 shipping and handling if you require it to be shipped. If you live in San Antonio, just $16.00 and I will make it available to you. Please include your shipping information and the code (FB16) to identify the book purchase. Just click on the following link:


Your friend,

Eduardo Quintana





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  1. With the number of children living without their fathers and the adults who still deal with the affects of not having a father, this book is timely and addresses a global problem. Thank you for making a difference. Bravo!


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