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Déjà vu

Whatever has happened before will happen [again]. Whatever has been done before will be done [again]. There is nothing new under the sun, Ecclesiastes 1:9.

I had an interesting sort of “Déjà Vu” moment recently. First, let me give you some background. As a young man and even as an adult I was somewhat of a rough character. Known for my angry attitude I was willing to fight someone at the drop of a hat. It could be while I was involved in a sporting event, road rage, or while drinking in a bar. I am not proud of that past and I am thankful to God for helping me overcome my anger issues.

One day when I was in my early twenties (40 years ago) I received a call from my father. He had gotten into an argument at a party store and wanted me to go back with him to confront the 3 men that had threatened him. This was a switch, instead of my father protecting me, he was asking for me to help protect him. I returned to the party store with him only to find that those that had threatened him were gone.

Now, fast forward to eight weeks ago. While out for a walk with my dog we were viciously attacked by a Pit-bull. I am hopeful that my dog ChiChi and I will both physically recover but I am emotionally not the same. It took me several weeks before I could take ChiChi out for a very short walk. I am still traumatized, and on those first few walks my son who is in his early thirties would sit in the front window of our home and watch over me to make sure that we were safe. Déjà Vu. The tables had turned as they had with my father and I, and the son that I had always protected was now watching over me. It reminded me of my dad. I miss my dad. I will one day see him again in Heaven.

I am thankful on this Father’s Day for a dad that loved me and protected me. I am thankful for the tremendous privilege I have had to be a father to a fantastic son who has made me nothing but proud his entire life. Most importantly, I am eternally thankful for my Heavenly Father that loves me, always watches over me, will never leave me, and someday I will see face to face.

Every good and perfect gift comes from above (James 1:17). I am thankful for the gift of life, the gift of being a son and a father, and every other good and perfect gift that God has given. Happy Father’s Day!

As always, to God be all the glory!!

By David Moore

I am a Chaplain and I visit and pray with the lost and the hurting wherever I am called. I am the author of “The Father’s Love” which is my true testimony of my cross-country search for my missing son David and how in the midst of that search I found my faith in God. This faith radically transformed my life from someone walking blindly in the dark, to someone eyes wide open walking in the light! The truth will set you free! My objective is to share this hope I have with those that are lost and need hope and to serve as a disciple of Jesus Christ until he takes me to my home in heaven!

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  1. I’m not as sentimental as I am open-hearted. Stories, good and bad, about fathers and sons touch me in my deepest parts. I wish you and your dog a speedy and complete recovery. I’m also thankful, David, that you have a wonderful story to share of about your father and with your son.


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