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A Manly Tribute to Moms (pt 4) – Serving as Mother and Grandmother

Many of you have the privilege of serving as mother and grandmother. There are several principles to assist in fulfilling that role.

1. Give your children time. May our children not say: “
Bless the dear clinic that weighted me with care.
The nursery-school teacher who tooth combed my hair.
The youth leader who took time for me.
And my mother, God bless her, who I never see.

2. Fulfill your role as mother by an act of your will not by the whim of emotion.

When you get up in the morning and the baby cries, the three-year old spills her milk, the diaper pail is overflowing and smelling up the house, the telephone rings and someone is at the door. At times like that, love is an act of the will; it is not a time to depend on emotional feeling.

#My mother was one who had to accept the responsibility of leadership in the home. I remember the untiring effort she gave to me. Her role as mother was not easy because she did everything on her own. It was a struggle. She was in charge of the discipline, meals, laundry, dishes, and the total program of raising me. My dad was not there to help. At times, we lived below the poverty level. My mother provided leadership in the home for many years. As I look back on those early years I don’t see how my mother did it.

In spite of her circumstance my mother had great dreams for her son. For several years she did baby sitting and did house cleaning to help make ends meet.

Someone has written: What will my boys remember?

What will my boys remember?
When they’ve grown old and gray?
The pants knees oft were full of holes?
Or the trout we caught that day?

Just what will they remember most?
Two little beds unmade?
Or the fun they had at hide-and-seek,
The days that Mother played?

What matters if my ironing waits?
When I smooth out their troubles,
Take time to kiss those briar-scratched hands,
And start them blowing bubbles?

Will they remember mud-tracked floors?
When they’ve grown old and gray?
What do they care if each room is dusted? or
I’m too tired to play?
Phyllis, C. Michael

A Sunday school teacher was describing Jesus without giving His name. She said to her class, “This one of whom I speak was always living for others, always denying self, always cheerful, and always in every way helpful.” When she asked the boys to tell her of whom she was speaking, one little boy, with face shining, raised his hand and said: “Please teacher, I know who that is, That’s My Mother.”

My prayer for every woman, wife, mother, and grandmother this Mother’s Day is that you will be a woman that uses God’s gifts to honor and serve the Lord. May you be a fully devoted disciple of Jesus.

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