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A Manly Tribute to Moms (pt 2) – The Fine Art of Being a Woman.

The Fine Art of Being a Woman.

Women are not naturally born with charm. They have to develop it. Charm is an inner beauty. It means good grooming, but more. Charm is the ability to bring the best in every person to the surface.

Arlene Francis gives ten ways to become a woman of charm:

1. Get organized. Plan every day ahead of time.
2. Make sure you’re well groomed.
3. Do one thing special for someone else as a surprise.
4. Do one thing a day to make your home more pleasant.
5. Do one thing you’ve been embarrassed to do in the past. Visit that new neighbor you’ve been too shy to go see.
6. Read something worthwhile for a t least 15 minutes each day.
7. Think about someone you dislike-pray for him or her and wish the person well. Petty bitterness distracts from charm. The desire to slander those you dislike eats like an acid at your own personality.
8. Practice looking a person directly in the eye and concentrate wholly on what is being said.
9. Practice laughing at your own mistakes.
10. Practice forgetting yourself completely. Get totally absorbed in something outside yourself.

Ladies, you are uniquely a woman. Thank God you are who you are. Don’t let anti-Christian attitudes take away your feminine touch.

Equality to men is not the question. Your are neither inferior or superior to men. You are distinctly different. As a woman you have no equal. You are God’s special creation.

Enjoy the gifts God has given you.

2017-04-17 05.59.59As a woman, single, married, mother, widow you can possess the joy of being alive. God has given your gifts to serve Him and make an impact on your family and community.

Whatever you situation, God loves you and is for you. You have a special place to fill in this life. You can know and do God’s will.

Your attitude will determine your outlook on life. By a commitment of your will you determine whether or not you are going to live as a bear or a dove. You determine if you are going to be a charming person – a joy to be around; or shabby dressed, complaining grouch – unbearable to be around.

Find the joy of living – abide in Christ – live according to God’s plan – your life will be filled with sincere faith and excitement. I imagine Timothy’s mother Eunice and Grandmother Lois were women of charm. They were women of sincere faith.

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