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Resolutions for 2017 (podcast)

What kind of Resolutions do you have for 2017? Are you going to lose weight? Exercise? Finish cleaning the garage? Whatever you resolutions are this year,make it a point to be a real man, just like God ants you to be. Listen to the Podcast and share it with your friends and family….


  1. Somehow, I can’t quite picture King David or anyone in the Bible being so focused on rediscovering, securing, understanding, and fulfilling their masculinity; or any of the women fretting over their womanhood either. Perhaps the mistake that’s being made now is people make too much of being either a man or a woman. Look the whole spectrum of humanity isn’t just about guys being protectors, because at the end of the day, women are protectors, too. Jesus was far more interested in getting everyone to heaven than making sure they were manly men and womanly women.


    • Jamie, I appreciate the comment an understand where you are coming from. I also agree with the fact that King David and other men in the Bible were not focused on rediscovering, securing and fulfilling their masculinity, after all, they had more important things to focus on like doing God’s will. It seems a bit silly that King David would even worry about being a Man, after all, he killed a bear and a lion and then single handedly defeated Goliath and saved his nation (quite manly if you ask me).
      But, Manly Training is NOT about some “Macho” egotistic men pumping our chest and being chauvinists! Manly Training Ministries is all about Training Men to be Godly, to have a “battle plan” against such things that keep us from being the men that God has called us to be. It’s about challenging men in areas that make us feel uncomfortable such as our sexuality and staying pure and free from the bondage of porn. Things such as anger management and knowing how to be a good husband and a good father!

      I started Manly Training in September of 2015 and already I have seen and heard of many men who have started their journey towards becoming the man that God created them to be.

      I fully resolve to do everything I can to make Manly Training a tool that will make a difference in our world today.

      Manly Training needs to become a movement that will help men across America and the world become Godly men, Loving husbands and Fathers that will be there for their families.

      I dream of a day that fatherless homes are eradicated in our great land.

      A day when those 24 million children in the USA that go to bed in a home without a father today would be able to say; “Good night daddy”!

      This is what my ministry is all about. Not at all the picture you seem to have of what we do at Manly Training Ministries, is it?


      • Given the rampant complementarianism in Christianity, I see a picture where gender determines one’s place in the family and in the church rather than one’s gifts or the call of the Holy Spirit. I see a Christianity where men are the door through which women may reach Christ (1 Corinthians 11:3) (a.k.a. the “chain of command” or “umbrella of protection” teaching from Bill Gothard’s ministry.)
        Men and women both need to attain Christ-likeness; and that means giving up a pink and blue version of Christianity where the two must become one in order to reflect Jesus in our lives. Men aren’t the only ones who must be courageous, but so too must women be courageous. Instead of drawing a dividing line, his vs hers, us vs them – we need to come together as children of God – not sons of God or daughters God alone.
        But I’d also like to say that it’s not enough to promote fathers, I’ve heard too many stories about domestic violence within Christianity and too many pastors who do nothing about it in their own churches. Stories where deacons were given a pass for beating their wives because they were important to the church. Stories where children were abused by those who were meant to protect them. Too many men refuse to call out and hold other men accountable for what they do because they might need them to overlook their own faults in due time – whereas men often don’t hesitate to render their holy verdict on the misdeeds of women. I see a Christianity that has no checks and balances, where ministries such as this one continues to feed the myth that God wants to hear from the boys, that God wants only the boys to be leaders, that God wants only the boys to interpret and apply his word as shepherds over women – and seeing what it’s gotten us this far, it’s not a great picture.


      • I am deeply saddened that you see a Christian church like the one you have described. It also sounds like you have been deeply wounded, for which, as a man, I apologize. I want to assure you, as well as I assure the thousands of readers and the hundreds of people (Both men and women) that are following this ministry, that I understand and agree with everything you’re saying. Except in your last paragraph when you point your finger at this ministry saying it is because of my ministry that there are bad men who abuse women.
        I have a series of podcasts, articles and training material design to understand and keep men, women and children safe from abuse of any kind.
        Manly training has accountability groups that are designed to keep people away from absolute power, thus, keeping men in check when it comes to their roles.
        One thing that we cannot forget is that we are men and women. God created us this way and we cannot change that (although some would have us believe that we can).
        God also created marriage in the very beginning. When he brought Adam and Eve together. And he did this from the very beginning to show the world the kind of relationship that he wants to have with us. When I train men to be husbands, they are being taught to lay down their lives, to love and protect their woman in the same way that God gave his son and he laid down his life for us. The husband is therefore, to be gentle, patient, kind, long-suffering and selfless to the point that he would give his life for his wife.

        When I train men to be fathers, I train them to love their children in the same way that our father loves us. So many men think that all they have to do is donate some sperm and then they forget that they have a child. They become workaholics, they become irresponsible, and they leave the burden of raising the children to the woman. This was never gods design! God’s word clearly tells us that it’s the father’s responsibility to teach his children God’s word. Therefore, I teach the man to be the priest in his home. To be the spiritual leader for his children and even for his wife. It is a very sad fact that most men spend less than 10 minutes of quality time with their children every week. This is not acceptable!

        I don’t Think you have spent too much time reading the articles or listening to the Podcasts on Manly Training for if you did, you would have clearly identified the fact that manly training ministries is actually trying to solve the same problems that you have brought up in this very enlightening exchange.

        You and I are not on two separate pages. You see the same problems that I do, however, it looks to me like the solution in your eyes would be gender neutrality. The solution in my eyes is God’s word. And God’s word is very clear on how men, women and children or to relate to each other.

        Thank you very much for this wonderful midweek debate and I hope you take some time to go over some of the material on the website and listen to some of the podcasts.


      • I remember Jesus telling his disciples not to be like the gentiles who lorded their authority over others, but rather to lay it down. At every church I’ve been to, it’s not like that at all. From the time that the youth group leaders would tell the girls that God only wants to hear from the boys and only wants the boys to step up and lead. They would used every single man-centric ministry they could find to back up their teachings that God designed men just so and he prefers them to be leaders. They never said: “We can’t use this ministry, it’s not manly enough.” They’re not above borrowing your materials and interpreting them for you in ways to make what you do say agree with what they say you said – so insofar as you don’t have complete control, they can and would use this ministry to do the opposite of what you would have wanted – it’s the reality of the internet.
        I’d like to see a lot of balance, it’s the only way to to keep our tilted Christianity from going overboard. You can’t just keep on doing more of the same, giving men more power and tell them not to abuse it, that just pushes the tilt further to their side – it’s not good! That’s why there needs to be teaching that balances out the tilt – giving women leadership that’s long overdue. Sadly, so many churches equate “leader” with “man” that it makes “follow” the same as “woman” by default, what we need to find a way for “leader” to be “woman” and for “follower” “man” especially when a man is has abused his headship and giving him more power just corrupts him. Check and balance, not going it alone – that’s what scripture points to. I don’t see how that’s gender neutrality, it’s not like they’re going to be wearing unisex clothing and have the same hairstyles etc.


      • Could you clarify something for me please. Are you saying that the roles should be flip-flopped? In your last paragraph, you say that we need to find a way for “leader” to be “woman” and for “follower” “Man”.
        I was under the impression that you were looking for equality but now it looks to me like you were looking for “women” to rule over men. Please clarify.


      • If there’s one thing we know about human nature, it’s that power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and relationships are not immune – the power imbalance in Christianity corrupts the one who has too much power for his/her own good. It would corrupt women if God had designed the “roles” the other way ’round; but only equality keeps an imbalance at bay – in order for us to attain equality, women need to be seen as co-leaders with men, who are co-leaders, not one over the other, but the two side by side in equal standing. That wasn’t possible in Jesus’ day, as the Romans (and Jews and other cultures in the region) had designed their laws around the idea that only men could be the public representative of their family, only men could be the public lawyer of their family, only men could be the public businessman of their family, only men could be the public priest of their family, and only men could be the legal head of their family – women were not legally or socially allowed to be/do any of those things some 2,000 years ago. Today we live in an egalitarian society, one in which “roles” like women should be quiet, not preach or teach is out of step with our own culture. We live the “roles” of a society that isn’t ours and wonder why Christianity is losing influence. There is a hopeful sign in scripture, the Bible recognize Phoebe and Junia as leaders in their own right, women who were considered a deacon and an apostle and helped lead the church only as women could. Consider it this way, if each church is a family and the pastor is a temporary dad in place of Jesus, where are the mothers of the church? Where are the women who are to minister as only mothers can? Why aren’t they trained in the same way that men are to teach and lead others? Christianity needs to define women as leaders if it is to reach our society where equality is our biggest value otherwise no amount of manly training can save a church without women.


      • As much as I agree with just about everything you have said, I cannot lead my life or expect others to lead their lives based on what some people choose to do or not to do. There have always been, and there will always be people who abuse their power. It has happened since the beginning of time.
        I also cannot put a burden on myself to produce material that is perfect and cannot be misinterpreted. God’s word, inspired by God, is always misinterpreted and is used by power-hungry men and women to accomplish their selfish goals. I know of churches who have preached on giving and tithing, they tell their congregation to sell everything they have and give that money to the church. Deceiving their followers to thinking that was God’s will based on some miss interpretation of Scripture. Shame on them! Yet another church that I am familiar with has a radio station in a predominantly poor area of Texas. They tell their listeners to send $100 in to the radio station and God will grant them five wishes. Repulsive! They should be ashamed of themselves. And I have seen a few churches, not many, that are similar in nature to what you have described. Men that are supposed to be serving God are being chauvinists and pigs. If God’s word is manipulated, how can I pretend to do a better job than He?

        I have been called to proclaim the good news to the poor (salvation to the lost), to proclaim liberty to the captives (to teach Gods word because God’s word is the only truth and the truth will set you free) and recovering of sight to the blind (A blind person cannot see, some people are not physically blind, they are spiritually blind. They need God to open their eyes),, to set at liberty those who are oppressed (oppression operates through fear but perfect love that can only be found in God through Jesus casts out fear), to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor (to encourage and motivate and equip men, women and children).

        I must stay true to my calling. I cannot waver from it because of fear. Fear that some ill intentioned people will take my material and use it in a way that it was not designed. Besides, the website is just a tool. The bulk of my ministry is done face-to-face, teaching, preaching, discipling, and like I said before, through our accountability groups.

        In February, I will be launching a 13 week intense seminar on sexual purity. You cannot get to the root of the problem in men unless you make them uncomfortable and talk about uncomfortable issues such as sex, pornography and living a pure life.

        In June, I launch another 13 week seminar dealing with anger management. Same as before, you need to get to the root of the problem and it is in many cases most uncomfortable!

        In October, I will launch another 13 weeks seminar dealing with being a godly leader (not a dictator but I loving leader).

        It is my desire to see men being transformed and their lives as well as the lives of their families changed for the better.


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