The Mark of a Man (pt III) The Fall Corrupted Everything

How does our sinful nature get in the way of our true manliness? That’s right, sin keeps you from being a man and we are going to uncover the truth and uncover our true potential. Are you ready? If you have not read PART 1  and PART 2, just click on these links and get ready to dive into this series; The Mark of a Man!

The Fall Corrupted Everything
God cursed the ground because of Adam’s sin (Gen. 3:17-19). All the good things God told men to cultivate are now at war against us.
Work is now hard and frustrating. Work is not a product of the fall. Work is not the curse. Work being hard and uncooperative is part of the curse. Most men like to work but become frustrated with the outcome! So they quit or look for the easy way to get it done! Even if the easy way is illegal, immoral or wrong! Cultivating the right things will always be hard. There may be wonderful seasons where work is easier and more cooperative than at other times, but for the most part it will be difficult. Because of sin we desire for things to be effortless so we tend to cultivate other things that seem to be less difficult. We shy away from the things we are called to cultivate and build because they are tough and time-consuming. We would rather cultivate hobbies, jobs, physical appearance, houses, etc. Our culture and advertisers have keyed in on this and exploit these tendencies. God uses the things that war against us, that are difficult and broken to show us our need for a Savior.

A man quickly discovers that the authentic pursuit of the triune God will take effort, not just daily, but breath by breath. I will quickly add that God gives the grace for that effort so that ultimately we cannot take credit for it, but we must act on that grace. He calls us and gives us the grace to answer.

Men are pretty good about dealing in large volumes of Christian information. We like God’s statistics. We’re not so sure about going after His heart. Where we seem to get lost is in the actual pursuit of the person of God, of intimacy with God. You don’t see many modern-day “Davids” writing passionate praise poems to their heavenly Father. We’re much more comfortable collecting and arranging and rearranging the information.

I think we’re passive about pursuing God Himself because we know it will eventually require a breaking of our pride, and for the man, pride is king. As long as we’re just gathering facts and information about God, we can keep Him at a safe distance. When we pull in close to Christ is when we feel the coal being put to our pride. Better to be passive, we reason, than to be broken.

I call it courageous humility, and biblical manhood absolutely demands that we go there.


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Written by Eduardo Quintana

I am an author and a speaker. I am the creator and CEO of Manly Training, an organization designed to bring Men to Christ and to Honor and Empower biblical Manliness.

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