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The Mark of a Man (pt II) Men Are Cultivators

Men Are Cultivators

Among several ways you could describe men, we are by nature, cultivators (Gen. 1:28;

Gas Monkey Garage Jump
Gas Monkey Garage Jump

2:5; 2:15). God has wired us to take care of things, make them grow and be productive. This is inherent. You can see it in our man-mantras – “bigger, faster, stronger.” We want things to be better and more efficient. This is by design. This is also why women have a hard time understanding why men just won’t listen! Men are always looking for solutions so when husband and wife sit down to talk about things, the man goes into “man” mode and is looking at all the angles and ways this can be fixed! All the time, his wife is just wanting sympathy and for him to, “just listen”. For men, this feels like a waste of time and energy, but let me tell you from experience, just do it. Listen to her! Comfort her or celebrate her or whatever the occasion merits, Just make her feel you understand. This is no waste of time, you will actually be saving time and moving forward once you comprehend that this is how she is wired. You will excuse me, I sometimes start ranting like this and get carried away!
Biblical manhood is not something a man “attains” like a diploma after four years of study at the university; rather, it’s a lifelong journey of being and becoming. Yes, godly men “do” certain things, and we could list a thousand of those things. But to then reason that doing those things makes one a godly man, is a huge, huge mistake.
I’ve known plenty of men whose behavior is highly moral for the most part, whose church attendance is fairly regular, who treat women with love and respect, and might even cook the pancakes for the men’s prayer breakfast, but there’s not a spark of godly life in them. There’s no passion for Jesus, no orientation around the glory of God, no thought of walking in the Spirit. They’re just moral men who do Christian activities. If you asked them how they’ve connected with God that week or how they have felt the leadership of His Spirit on this or that work project or in their roles as husbands or fathers, they wouldn’t have a clue. I know this because I’ve been that man, and in more moments than I care to admit, I am that man.
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On the other hand, you can find a man who reads his Bible, serves, attends church, and cooks pancakes right alongside the other guy and reflects the glory of God in every flip of the pancake. That’s the godly one.


Written by Eduardo Quintana

I am an author and a speaker. I am the creator and CEO of Manly Training, an organization designed to bring Men to Christ and to Honor and Empower biblical Manliness.

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