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The Mark of a Man (pt I)

I am starting a series of posts on Biblical manhood.  I think it’s important to look at what the Bible calls us to be and do as Christian men. What biblical passages do we look at for Biblical manhood? What does it mean to be masculine according to the Bible? How does this apply to each one of us in our specific stages of life? What does biblical manhood look like in our specific time and culture?

Some of what we will cover will be doctrinal or theological (what we should believe) in nature, but a lot of it will be very practical (what we should be doing).

This series of posts will be a very brief fly-over of this topic. There is so much more that could be said and has been said elsewhere in many great books and sermons. I don’t ever want to give the impression that our homes are our only responsibility as men. As Christians the gospel impacts our entire lives. We do not focus on our homes to the neglect of everything else God calls us to in light of the gospel. Nor are we to neglect our homes! God would not want us men to build our ministries, our businesses or even our communities over the remains of our families. Our goal is not just to be a better husband or dad, but to grow in Christ-likeness. As we do this (by His grace and the power of the Spirit) our families will most definitely benefit! Always remember that your family is your first mission field. Your wife and kids are your church and you are to lead them in a holy relationship with the Father.

Having said that, I will be covering three areas in the life of a Christian man.2016-08-21 20.51.19

First, What is masculinity? – What it is, what it is not, and attacks on true masculinity.

Second,  Biblically masculine husbands. – Leading your wife, responsibilities of headship.

Third, Biblically masculine fathers. – Leading/teaching your kids about Christ, responsibilities of being a disciple maker in your home.

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Written by Eduardo Quintana

I am an author and a speaker. I am the creator and CEO of Manly Training, an organization designed to bring Men to Christ and to Honor and Empower biblical Manliness.

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