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Adoptions make forever families, Rescue a child!

We live in a Fatherless World now where the norm is to grow up in a home without a dad! Did you know that 24 million children will go to bed in a home without a dad tonight? This ought to scare you, for as the family goes… so goes the nation!
But I am not trying to scare you, I want to encourage you to do something about it and to make a difference in a child’s life. Too many children that need to be rescued and we (the church) are called to be the first ones to do the rescuing! Can you hear the children calling out to you and saying: RESCUE ME!

There is NOTHING like it. NO ONE can prepare you for it. It is SCARY. These are things I have told people about the experience of adopting three boys. Nevertheless, I cannot imagine my life without them. Their stories are amazing and the alternative would have been devastating for them and for us. The video on this post is a tribute to, one of my three adopted boys. If you would like to know What God told me the night before I became a Father, click HERE.

If you know someone who was adopted, or a couple who has adopted, make sure you give them a kind word and encourage them. For those who are going through it right now, the road is hard and there are so many obstacles. Many times, it is scary, lonely and you just want to curl up in a corner and cry yourself to sleep. But know that God will see you through it. Trust the Lord and his perfect will for you and before you know it, you will be celebrating the outcome and encouraging others who are in need.

November is National Adoption month. Plan something special for those who have adopted, make it a joyful time as you give thanks for what God has done. For those who are planning on adopting, DO IT and don’t look back! For those who are going through the legalities of the adoption, I pray for wisdom, and for strength.

James 1:27  Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

If you would like to know more about our story and HOW WE ADOPTED THREE BOYS, click on the link HERE.

I want to ask you to share this page with friends and family. We all know someone who’s life was touched by adoption. Encourage them with our testimony. And if you feel called to get involved and you don’t know how, contact me NOW, just click on this link: CONTACT ME NOW.


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